Pro Rector NUTECH

NUTECH is the dream of any Pakistani teenager aspiring to climb new heights of glory through innovation, scholarship, research and invention. NUTECH is a different University in Pakistan because it is designed on the lines of best international practices of world’s leading technology Universities. Unlike a conventional engineering university in the country the prime focus of education is on innovation, learning by-doing and mastering the art of technology development through world-class education in science, engineering, technology, other technologies and other areas of scholarship for professional certifications, technical & vocational skills and the application of bright ideas and experiential learning at the University. NUTECH is the first ‘University for Industry’ in Pakistan where our innovative learning cycle covers mandatory industrial applications based teaching classes and studies on technology driven international industry practices. NUTECH is in the process of establishing very strong professional linkages with the national and international industry on long-term sustainable basis with special focus on creating technopreneurs and technology mentors for our industry. It is my dream that someday our graduates create fortune 500 companies and earn Noble prize for their research accomplishments in technology creation.