Safety & Security

The existing complex law and order situation demands sound security arrangements from any educational institute that reflects the sense of extreme care and protection of its Staff & Students within available resources. The National University of Technology (NUTECH) has an effective and vigilant security system on the campus. A trained regular University security staff hired to provide secure and safe environment to our valuable students, staff and faculty members. Our aim is to acquaint you all regarding the security arrangements in the University.


  • NUTECH requires comprehensive preventive measures for daily routine rather than a particular incident
  • To provide indicators and direction to endure the safety of employees, students, visitors and property.
  • To maintain continuity of the general systems and implement NUTECH regulations while following up on the government and global policy.


  • The Security and safety to provide a safe and secure environment and to protect all persons and property in the university community.
  • Manning of the main gates and other locations where the guards are deployed.
  • University Security services provide oversight and coordination of infrastructure protection, security systems, technology management, and major events coverage.
  • Conducting regular patrols of buildings and grounds.
  • Nutech security officials provide help and protection. Students should always feel comfortable calling campus Guards for assistance-at any time of day and night.
  • Looking out for student’s safety.
  • Coordinate with all the departments.
  • Maintaining and reporting crime statistics.
  • Covering the functions arranged by the different departments.
  • Covering the National/Foreign delegations visiting the NUTECH.
  • Look after the Bike/Car parking
  • Preparing the gate pass inward and outward move.

Security Communication System

NUTECH Staff must inform the Security & Relevant Officer in a timely manner. If appropriate, the information must be shared with a wider audience within NUTECH senior management (possibly the entire major staff) as quickly as possible for their guidance and information. All NUTECH staff has a duty to report immediately security-related incidents to the security and direct supervisor and to activate systems to relay the message at higher levels.

Security incidents/issues must be reported immediately to the Security office in NUTECH. They, in turn, must take the appropriate action and also forward all details up the reporting chain.

Information on the general security situation should follow the normal chain of communications between the Security and concerned department.

Communications Measures in all locations

  • Phone numbers for all relevant staff and emergency numbers must be kept with each staff member and regularly updated
  • Security hotlines (Control Room) personnel must keep their mobile phones at hand and operational at all times of the day or night.
  • During emergencies, NUTECH staff must not use their communications equipment unless absolutely necessary in order to keep lines free for timely reports & constant information flow from the Security Management Team

Radio Transmission System

All security members have been equipped with the latest radio communication. A central control room (CCR) has been established in Admin Block. All security guards performing duties at any location must immediately report any incident in their area of responsibility (AOR) to CCR without delay. CCR staff is vigilant to handle all situations round the clock.

Main boundary all entry and exit points are covered with CCTV system which is being monitored by CCTV operators. CCR in charge is responsible to act according to the situation and also to report the shift Security Supervisor. Security Supervisor is responsible to handle the issue immediately

Control Room Security /CC TV monitoring personnel


For CCTV monitoring person:

  • Monitoring concept should be cleared
  • All major and minor observation should be immediately reported to the supervisor
  • Checking of recording status to be done on a regular/daily basis
  • All security systems malfunction to be reported immediately with an update on a daily report on the same
  • Eating or drinking of food beverages or food inside the control room is strictly prohibited
  • Ensure written reports to be given to the supervisor are clear and contain proper detail including snapshots of the suspect.

Key Control:

  • Spare keys for all officers and master keys are held in a key cabinet by security. The security guard should ensure after his shift that all keys are accounted for
  • The master key is for security use only and not be signed out under any circumstances
  • The key inventory controls must be done which includes:
  • Record of all locks and corresponding keys
  • Record of number of keys in stock
  • Record of all keys issued (who and when etc.)
  • Record of all retrieved keys


In the event of fire or any other emergency, you will be notified by the sound of the fire alarm system and public address system to proceed with the floor evacuating. The security has been instructed to assist all occupants in evacuating the facility in the event of fire and emergency.


  • Operate the nearest manual fire alarm box/panel.
  • Do not attempt to fight any fire unless properly trained, the appropriate fire extinguisher is available and there is clear access to escape.
  • No time should be lost in arguments.
  • Evacuation is mandatory and no excuse will be permitted for not following the instructions.
  • Familiarize yourself with emergency exit locations.
  • Use the staircase as all Emergency Exit are clearly marked.
  • In case of evacuation always use the staircase.

Fire/Emergency Evacuation Plan

  • Elevators are not to be used during an emergency evacuation.
  • Be considerate, walk, and do not run.
  • As you leave your area closes all doors to confine. Do not open any windows where the fire is located.
  • Carry nothing large than briefcases and only necessary.
  • All department heads, an alternate will be responsible for the head account of their staff, they should check with the respective department admin for any person uncounted for, report to security team immediately for any person unconfirmed missing.
  • All occupants will remain at the designated areas until otherwise instructed by the safety and security manager.
  • All students, visitors, guests, contractors, delivery people, and other expected to participate in this evacuation procedure are obliged to instruct and direct others to leave any endangered areas promptly.

Threat Management:

This is to inform all staff on the procedures of handling bomb calls.
All bomb threats received by a person shall be reported immediately to their direct supervisor. The supervisor will immediately report the matter to the safety and Security office /Control Room. Anyone receiving a bomb threat call shall follow the following procedure.

  1. Be calm and courteous.
  2. Do not interrupt the caller.
  3. Keep the caller online as long as possible.
  4. Obtain as much information as you can and complete a report.
  5. Copy of bomb threat call report must be kept at reception and workstation.
  6. Listen carefully for the message and information given by the threat caller, voice characteristics, and background noise.
  7. Take note of the number displaying if your telephone has a caller ID display feature.
  8. Notify your immediate supervisor and provide him with complete bomb threat telephone call details if available.
  9. Inform the safety and security team immediately.
  10. Wait for further instructions don not raise panic.
  11. The use of mobile phones is discouraged in the event if the threat is real.

If you are notified threat a bomb threat has been made.

  1. Quickly but thoroughly check your own office. Work station for the presence of any suspicious bag, parcel, or latter that cannot be accounted for including individuals seemingly out of place.
  2. If you find any suspicious object, notify your supervisor or safety and security team immediately.
  3. Do not touch the object.
  4. Wait for instruction to evacuation procedures unless instructed to do.


Smoking is a hazard to the health and safety of all residents and is prohibited in all areas of the University buildings. Violations will be considered a breach of discipline and a fine.

The use of any kind of narcotics or alcohol is absolutely forbidden in University premises. The use or possession of any kind of narcotics/alcohol will result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Nutech rules & regulations