Degree Structure

Department of Electrical Engineering is offering the four years undergraduate program Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Our undergraduate degree structure mainly consists of General University Requirements (GUR) and Departmental Major Requirements (DMR).

  • General University Requirements (GUR) and – includes subjects in sciences, humanities, arts, management, social sciences, communication, industrial requirement and sports.
  • Departmental Major Requirements (DMR) – primarily includes subjects related to chosen field/ discipline of study.

General University Requirements (GUR)

Science Requirement (SR): 6 Subjects

  • MATH1101 Calculus I
  • MATH1102 Calculus II
  • PHY1101 Physics I
  • PHY1201 Physics II
  • CHE1001 Chemistry
  • BIO1002 Biology

Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies, Management, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (PIMHASS) Requirement – 7 subjects

Minimum 2 credits from each of the following sub-category are must:

  • Pakistan Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Management
  • Humanities
  • Arts and Social Sciences

Industrial Requirement (IR):

Evidence of attending and passing following:

  • 8 credits internship during summer
  • 6 credits of creative/industry focused projects during Industrial and Creative Activity Term (ICAT)/ summer
  • 6 credits of Industrial Learning Experience (ILE)

Departmental Major Requirements (DMRs):

General Departmental Requirements (GDR) – 64-65 Credits
Concentration Stream Requirements (CSR) – 11 Credits
Restricted Engineering Electives (REE) – 10-12 Credits
Senior Year Design Projects i.e Capstone Project (FYP) – 6 Credits
Industrial Learning Experience (ILE): 6 Credits

General University Requirements (GUR)

a.   Science Requirement (SR) – 24 Credits

SrSubject Code
Subject Title
Credit Hours
1.MATH1103Calculus and Analytical Geometry303
2.MATH2301Linear Algebra202
3.MATH2501Probability and Statistics303
4.MATH1202Complex Variables and Transforms303MATH1103
5.MATH2401Differential Equations303MATH1103
6.MATH2402Numerical Methods202
7.PHY1103Applied Physics202
8.PHY1104Applied Physics Lab011PHY1103
9.CHE1001Applied Chemistry202
10.CHE1002Applied Chemistry Lab011CHE1001
12.BIO1003Biology Lab011BIO1002

b.   Pakistan studies, Islamic Studies, Management, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (PIMHASS) Requirement – 9 Subjects: 18 Credits

Sr.Subject CodeSubject TitleCredit HoursPre-ReqCo-Req
1.IS1001Islamic Studies and Ethics202
2.PS1001Pakistan Studies and Global Perspective202
3.HU1001Humanities Elective-I /Functional English*202
4.HU1005Humanities Elective-II202
5.HU1007Technical Report Writing and Presentation Skills*202
7.MGT1002Engineering Project Management202
8.SS2001Professional Ethics202
9.XXXXEngg. Economics OR Computational Media Design OR Modern Conception of Freedom OR Becoming Humane202

*Subject meets communication requirements

c.   Physical Education Requirement (PER) – 4 Points

To meet a degree requirement, a student should earn a minimum 4 points. These points can be earned as under:

●          Learning 1 x indoor and 1 x outdoor sports – 4 Points (2 each)

●          Participation in 1 x indoor and 1 x outdoor sports at variety level competition – 2 Points (1 each)

●          Participants at national and international level in team sports – 1 Point

●          Participation at national and international level in representing as individual player – 1 Point

Note: To qualify, female students to learn and participate in 1 x indoor sports. Outdoor sports are optional for them

d.   Communication Requirement (CR) – 2 Subjects

Requirement can be met by taking two communication intensive subjects (two subjects from PIMHASS and two subjects from Departmental Major)

PIMHASS Subjects: HU1001 Functional English and HU1007 Technical Report Writing and Presentation Skills

e.   Industrial Requirement (IR) – Evidence of attending and passing following:

i. Internship: 8 credits internship during summer

Sr.Subject CodeSubject TitleCredit HoursPre-ReqCo-Req

Research Work: 2 credits of research work. Students can do this work in any semester/term during 4 years

Sr.Subject CodeSubject TitleCredit HoursPre-ReqCo-Req
1.EEURE1201Undergraduate Research Experience I011
2.EEURE1302Undergraduate Research Experience II011

Creative Learning Experience (CLE): 6 credits of creative/industry focused projects during Industrial and Creative Activity Term (ICAT)/ summer

Sr.Subject CodeSubject TitleCredit HoursPre-RequisiteCo-Requisite
1EECLE1001Creative Learning Experience I022
2EECLE1002Creative Learning Experience II022
3EECLE1003Creative Learning Experience III022

Industrial Learning Experience (ILE): 6 credits of industrial learning experience (see DMR below)

Industrial Learning Experience (ILE): 6 credits of industrial learning experience (see DMR below)

General Departmental Requirements (GDR)

Sr.Subject CodeSubject TitleCredit HoursPre-ReqCo-Req
1.EE1001Digital Logic Design303
2.EE1002Digital Logic Design Lab011EE1001
3.EE1003Computer Programming303
4.EE1004Computer Programming Lab011EE1003
5.EE1011Workshop Practice Lab011
6.EE1012Engineering Drawing Lab011
7.EE1201Linear Circuit Analysis303
8.EE1202Linear Circuit Analysis Lab011EE1201
9.EE3101Communication Systems Engineering303EE2401
10.EE3102Communication Systems Engineering Lab011EE3101
11.EE2205Electrical Network Analysis303EE1201
12.EE2206Electrical Network Analysis Lab011EE2205
13.EE2005Data Structure and Algorithms303EE1003
14.EE2006Data Structure and Algorithms Lab011EE2005
15.EE2007Introduction to Embedded Systems303EE1001
16.EE2008Introduction to Embedded Systems Lab011EE2007
17.EE2203Electronic Devices & Circuits303
18.EE2204Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab011EE2203
19.EE2401Signals and Systems303
20.EE3601Electrical Machines303EE2205
21.EE3602Electrical Machines Lab011EE3601
22.EE3011Instrumentation and Measurements303
23.EE3012Instrumentation and Measurements Lab011EE3011
24.EE3301Linear Control Systems303MATH2401
25.EE3302Linear Control Systems Lab011EE3301
26.EE3501Electromagnetics Field Theory303PHY1201/PHY1103
27.EE3403Digital Signal Processing303EE2401
28.EE3404Digital Signal Processing Lab011EE3403

Interdisciplinary Engineering Elective (IDEE)

3.OHS1001Occupational Health and Safety101

List of IDEE Courses

Sr.Subject CodeSubject TitleCredit HoursPre-ReqCo-Req
1.ME2418Manufacturing Processes303
4.CEN2005Introduction to Data Mining202
5.IDE2001Special topics in Mechanical Engineering2/302/3
6.IDE2002Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic202
7.IDE2003Cloud Computing and IoT2/30/12/3
8.IDE2004Big Data Analytics202
9.IDE2005Robotics & Automation303
10.IDE2006Special topics in Biomedical Engineering2/302/3

Depth Elective Courses. Students can take any 5-6 courses from the list of depth elective courses, while remaining within the allowable Credits limit of 18-23. In addition, students may take Depth Elective courses from other departments with the permission of course instructor and approval of HoD.

Sr.Subject CodeSubject TitleCredit HoursPre-ReqCo-Req
1.EEXXXXDepth Elective-I303
2.EEXXXXDepth Elective-II30/13/4
3.EEXXXXDepth Elective-III30/13/4
4.EEXXXXDepth Elective-IV30/13/4
5.EEXXXXDepth Elective-V30/13/4
6.EEXXXXDepth Elective-VI30/13/4

List of Depth electives

Sr.Subject CodeSubject TitleCredit HoursPre-Req
1.EE4103Data Communication and Networks303
2.EE4104Data Communication and Networks Lab011
3.EE4107Wireless Communications303EE3101
4.EE4109Digital Communication303EE3101
5.EE4105Internet of Things303
6.EE4106Internet of Things Lab011
7.EE4111Heterogeneous Networks303
8.EE4113Satellite Communications303
9.EE4114Optical Fiber Communications303
10.EE4115Optical Fiber Communications Lab011
11.EE4119Special Topics in Communications 3/403/4
1.EE4209Industrial Electronics303EE2207
2.EE4210Industrial Electronics Lab011
3.EE4211Electronic Circuit Design303EE2207
4.EE4212Electronic Circuit Design Lab011
5.EE4213FPGA Design for Embedded Systems303EE2007
6.EE4214FPGA Design for Embedded Systems Lab011
7.EE4215Optoelectronic Materials and Devices303
8.EE4216Analysis and Design of Digital Integrated Circuits303
9.EE4217Complex Digital Systems303
10.EE4218Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits303
11.EE4219Special Topics in Electronics3/403/4
Control Systems
1.EE4305Dynamic Systems and Control303EE3301
2.EE4306Dynamic Systems and Control Lab011
3.EE4307Digital Control Systems303EE3301
4.EE4308Digital Control Systems Lab011
5.EE4309Multivariable Control Systems303EE3301
6.EE4310Drones and Autonomous Systems303
7.EE4311Drones and Autonomous Systems Lab011
8.EE4312Medical Robotics303
9.EE4013Cognitive Robotics303
10.EE4319Special Topics in Control Systems3/403/4
Signals and Systems
1.EE4405Signals, Systems and Inference303EE2401
2.EE4406Machine Learning303EE2401
3.EE4407Machine Learning Lab011
4.EE4408Computer Vision303EE2401
5.EE4409Computer Vision Lab011
6.EE4410Biomedical Image and Signal Processing303EE2401
7.EE4411Image & Video Coding303
8.EE4412Data Acquisition and Image Reconstruction in MRI303
9.EE4419Special Topics in Signals and Systems3/403/4
RF and Microwaves
1.EE4503Wave Propagation and Antenna303EE3501
2.EE4504Wave Propagation and Antenna Lab011
3.EE4505Microwave Engineering303EE3501
4.EE4507Navigation and Radar Systems303
5.EE4508Navigation and Radar Systems Lab011
6.EE4509Emerging Wireless Technologies and RF Planning303
7.EE4510Transmission and Switching systems303
8.EE4511Microwave Radar Remote Sensing303
9.EE4519Special Topics in RF and Microwave3/403/4
Electrical Power Systems
1.EE4603Advanced Electrical Machines303EE3601
2.EE4604Advanced Electrical Machines Lab011
3.EE4605Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution303
4.EE4606Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Lab011
5.EE4607Modelling and Simulation of Power Systems303
6.EE4608Power System Analysis303
7.EE4609Power System Analysis Lab011
8.EE4610Renewable Energy Systems303
9.EE4611Smart Grid303
10.EE4612High Voltage Engineering303
11.EE4614Power Electronics303
12.EE4615Power Electronics Lab011
13.EE4619Special Topics in Electrical Power Systems3/403/4

Senior Year Design Project i.e., Capstone Project (FYP) – 6 Credits

Sr.Subject CodeSubject TitleCredit HoursPre-Requisite
1.EE4098Capstone Project I022
2.EE4099Capstone Project II044

Industrial Learning Experience (ILE) – 6 Credits

SrSubject CodeSubjectsCredit Hours
1EEILE1001Industrial Learning Experience 10011
2EEILE1002Industrial Learning Experience 20011
3EEILE1003Industrial Learning Experience 30011
4EEILE1004Industrial Learning Experience 40011
5EEILE1005Industrial Learning Experience 50011
6EEILE1006Industrial Learning Experience 60011