Dr. Khalid Iqbal

Designation   Associate Professor

Email ID(s)    khalidiqbal@nutech.edu.pk

Ext #  207

Sr. NoDegreeUniversity
1PhD. Communication SystemsCranfield University,UK
2MS Computer EngineeringNUST Islamabad
3BS Electrical EngineeringUniversity of Engineering & Technology, Lahore

Teaching Experience

Sr. NoDesignationUniversityYear
1Associate ProfessorNUTECH Islamabad2021To Date
2Head Center of ExcellenceCollege of E&ME NUST20132018
3Director Defense ElectronicsDESTO NESCOM Islamabad20112013
4Head Computer Engineering DepartmentCollege of E&ME NUST20092011

Research Areas/Interests

Sr. NoDescription
1Optimization of Communication Systems
2Wireless Sensors Networks
3Neural Networks
4Digital Signal Processing
5Digital Communication
6Intrusion Detection Systems


Sr. NoPublication TitleCategoryYear of Publication
1Improvement in Error Reduction of Spatial Channel Model (SCM) by Exploiting Multi-user Diversity with the Help of Omni-directional Antenna at BSJournal
2Comparison of SCM and Rayleigh Channel Models by Exploitation of Diversity in Time and Spatial Domain Using Opportunistic Communication TechniqueJournal
3Comparison of Rayleigh and Spatial Channel Models with Co-Channel Interference Cancellation Using LST in MIMO SystemsJournal
4An Adaptive Algorithm for MU-MIMO using Spatial Channel ModelJournal2016
5Lungs segmentation for computer aided diagnosisJournal
6Efficiency enhancement of PV street lighting system using single ended primary inductance
converter (SEPIC) by reducing ripple current contents
7 ZETA converter based charge controller for efficient use of solar energy in street lightning systemJournal
8An automated System for Liver CT Enhancement and SegmentationJournal2010
9Potential Lung Nodules Identification for Characterization by Variable Multistep Threshold and Shape Indices from CT ImagesJournal2014
10Constrained Optimization-Based Extreme Learning Machines with Bagging for Freezing of Gait DetectionJournal2018
11Exploitation of Time, Frequency and Spatial Diversity that Occurs in Channels by the Novel Communication System based on COFDM TechnologyConference2010
12Cancellation of an Interferer using Stochastic Approach by Combination of Recursive Least Square and Genetic AlgorithmsConference2011
13Exploitation of multiuser diversity in spatial and time domain by opportunistic communication system using an Omni-directional antenna at BSConference
14Exploitation of Space Diversity using SCM to increase the data rate by MIMO Technology and analysis of system‟s Performance on the basis of BERConference
15Comparison of SCM and Rayleigh Channel Models by Exploitation of Diversity in Time and Spatial Domain using Opportunistic Communication techniqueConference2009
16Implementation of Opportunistic Communication Technique using Adaptive and Omni-directional antennas in Frequency SelectiveConference2009
17Congestion Control Through Dynamic Access Class Barring for Bursty MTC Traffic in FutureConference
18Design of an Efficient Single-Stage and 2-Stages Class-E Power Amplifier (2.4GHz) for Internet-of-ThingsConference
19An Automated System for Brain Tumor ExtractionConference2010
20Retinal Image: Optic Disk Localization and DetectionConference
21Parallel Mapping of HOP Field Neural Networks on SIMD Super ComputerConference