Dr. Waqar Uddin

Designation   Assistant Professor 

Email ID(s)  waqaruddin@nutech.edu.pk

Ext # 338

Sr. NoDegreeUniversity
1PhD. Electrical EngineeringPusan National University, Busan, South Korea
2MS Electrical (Power) EngineeringCOMSAT University Islamabad, Abbotabad Campus
3BS Electrical Power EngineeringCOMSAT University Islamabad, Abbotabad Campus

Teaching Experience

Sr. NoDesignationUniversityYear
1Assistant ProfessorNUTECH IslamabadOct-2021To Date
2Postdoctoral FellowDongguk University, Seoul, KoreaSep-2020Jun-2021
3LecturerUniversity of Management & Technology, Sialkot CampusSep-2016Feb-2018

Research Areas/Interests

Sr. NoDescription
1Power Converter Design & Control
2Renewable Energy Integration/Control
4Electric Drives
5Modular Multilevel Converter


Sr. NoPublication TitleCategoryYear of Publication
1A New Cloud-Based IoT Solution for Soiling Ratio Measurement of PV Systems Using Artificial Neural NetworkJournal2023
2A Novel Distributed Consensus-Based Approach to Solve the Economic Dispatch Problem Incorporating the Valve-Point Effect and Solar Energy SourcesJournal2022
3Optimal Multi-Objective Placement and Sizing of Distributed Generation in Distribution System: A Comprehensive ReviewJournal2022
4Design and Control of Quasi-Z Source Multilevel Inverter Using a New Reaching Law Based Sliding Mode ControlJournal2022
5Quasi-Single-Stage Current-Fed Resonant AC-DC Converter Having Improved Heat DistributionJournal2022
6Faults and Faults ride through strategies for grid-connected photovoltaic system: A comprehensive reviewJournal2022
7Control Strategy Based on Arm-Level Control for Output and Circulating Current of MMC in Stationary Reference FrameJournal2021
8Control of Transformerless Inverter-Based Two-Stage Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System Using Adaptive-PI and Adaptive Sliding Mode Controllers.Journal2021
9Boosting the energy density of highly efficient flexible hybrid supercapacitors via selective integration of hierarchical nanostructured energy materialsJournal2020
10CoCu2O4 nanoflowers architecture as an electrode material for battery type supercapacitor with improved electrochemical performanceJournal2020
11Highly efficient copper-cobalt sulfide nano-reeds array with simplistic fabrication strategy for battery-type supercapacitorsJournal2020
12High-Performance and Multi-Functional Control for Transformerless Single Phase Smart Inverter for Grid-Connected PV SystemJournal2020
13Efficient electricity management system for optimal peak/off peak hour pricingJournal2020
14A comparative study of super capacitor-based STATCOM in a Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System for Regulating Power Quality IssuesJournal2020
15Design of Super Twisting Sliding Mode Controller for a Three-Phase Grid-connected Photovoltaic system under normal and Abnormal ConditionsJournal2020
16Control of Internal Dynamics of Grid-Connected Modular Multilevel Converter Using an Integral Backstepping ControllerJournal2019
17Control of Output and Circulating Current of
Modular Multilevel Converter Using a Sliding Mode Approach
18A New Adaptive Approach to Control Circulating and Output Current of Modular Multilevel ConverterJournal2019
19A neural network-based model reference control
architecture for oscillation damping in the interconnected power system
20Current and future prospects of small hydropower in Pakistan: A surveyJournal2019
21Dynamic Modeling and Robust Controllers Design for Doubly Fed Induction Generator-Based Wind Turbines under Unbalanced Grid Fault ConditionsJournal2019
22Design of Fuzzy-PI and Fuzzy-Sliding Mode Controllers for Single-Phase Two-Stages Grid-ConnectedTransformerless Photovoltaic InverterJournal2019
23Design of Robust Fuzzy Logic Controller Based on the Levenberg Marquardt Algorithm and Fault Ride Trough Strategies for a Grid-Connected PV SystemJournal2019
24Hardware-based hybrid scheme to improve the fault ride through capability of doubly fed induction generator under symmetrical and asymmetrical faultJournal2018
25A Review on recent advances and future trends of
tranformerless inverter structures for single-phase grid-connected photovoltaic
26Design of a Proportional Resonant Controller with Resonant Harmonic Compensator and Fault Ride Trough Strategies for a Grid-Connected Photovoltaic SystemJournal2018
27A comprehensive review on inverter topologies and control strategies for grid connected photovoltaic systemJournal2018
28Design of a Building-Integrated Photovoltaic System with a Novel Bi-Reflector PV System (BRPVS) and Optimal Control Mechanism: An Experimental StudyJournal2018
29A novel supercapacitor/lithium-ion hybrid energy system with a fuzzy logic-controlled fast charging and intelligent energy management systemJournal2018
30Dynamic Simulations of Adaptive Design Approaches to Control the Speed of an Induction Machine Considering Parameter Uncertainties and External PerturbationsJournal2018
31Robust speed regulation of indirect vector control induction motor using fuzzy logic controllers based on optimization algorithmsJournal2018
32A Survey on Waste Heat Recovery: Electric
Power Generation and Potential Prospects within Pakistan
33Indirect Field-Oriented Control of Induction Motor Drive based on Adaptive Fuzzy Logic ControlJournal2017
34Biogas potential for electric power generation in Pakistan: A surveyJournal2016
35A Neuro-fuzzy based non-linear control technique for steam boiler using Levenberg-Marquardt AlgorithmJournal2015
36Effect of Modulation Techniques on Capacitor Voltage of Modular Multilevel ConverterConference2020
37Digital Signal Processing Filters for Enhanced Operation within Smart GridConference2020
38Reuse Legacy to Repower the Microgrids–An Affordable Solution for Test and Restoration of Repurposed Lead Acid BatteriesConference2020
39Load Forecasting Schemes and Demand Response Programs within Smart GridConference2020
40Robust Control Design for DFIG based Wind Turbine under Voltage SagsConference2020
41Super twisting sliding mode control for inner current suppression of Modular Multilevel ConverterConference2020
42DC-link Voltage Regulation of Single-Phase Grid- Tied PV System using Fuzzy-PI ControllerConference2020
43Output Current Control of Modular MultiLevel Converter Using BackStepping ControllerConference2020
44Design of Adaptive Sliding Mode Controller for Single-Phase Grid-Tied PV SystemConference2019
45Design and Investigation of FRT Schemes for Three-Phase Grid-Tied PV SystemConference2019
46An Optimized Off-gird Renewable AC/DC Microgrid for Remote Communities of PakistanConference2019
47Insulation Characteristic of CCl2F2 with mixtures of CO2/N as a Possible Alternative to SF6 substitute Gas for High Voltage Equipment’sConference2019
48Effect of Arm Inductor on Harmonic Reduction in Modular Multilevel ConverterConference2019
49Active and Reactive Power Control of Modular Multilevel Converter Using Sliding Mode ControllerConference2019
50Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Controller for Indirect Field Oriented Controlled Induction MotorConference2019
51Healthcare Monitoring System and transforming Monitored data into Real time Clinical Feedback based on IoT using Raspberry PiConference2019
52An Overview of Transformerless Inverters for Grid Connected Photovoltaic SystemConference2018
53Enhancing the active and reactive Power quality of Doubly Fed Induction Generator using Adaptive PI ControllerConference2018
54Energy Scenario and Potential of Hydroelectric Power in PakistanConference2018
55A Novel Design of FRT Strategy and Proportional Resonant Controller for Three Phase Grid connected PV SystemConference2018
56A comparative assessment of scalar controlled induction motor using PI, adaptive sliding mode, and FLC based on SD controllersConference2017
57Indirect vector control of induction motor using adaptive sliding mode controllerConference2016
58Control of DC link voltage for grid interfaced DFIG using Adaptive Sliding Mode & Fuzzy based on Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm during symmetrical faultConference2016
59Performance of adaptive PI based on fuzzy logic for Indirect Vector Control Induction Motor driveConference2016
60Fault Tolerant Speed Regulation of Induction Motor Using Artifical Neural NetworkConference2015