About Our Collection

Library offers a rich print collection to facilitate both students and faculty in meeting their academic requirements and thus broadening their knowledge through reading. It strives to support the academic needs of on-going and prospective research programs of the university. To facilitate maximum use of the library resources, nearly all library materials are in open shelves, easily accessible to the users. All the collection is arranged in a sequence of classification numbers while grouping similar and related subject books. The most common classification system that is ‘Dewey Decimal Classification’ (DDC) is being used.

a.Text & Supporting Books

Library is affording latest subject related text and supporting books according to the faculty and students academic needs.

b.Reference Material

The Reference Collection consists of encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks and publications related to various Engineering Disciplines.

c.Serial Publication

The periodicals section contains Journals, Newspapers and Magazines. To keep the students, faculty and staff up-to date with latest research trends and current affairs, 9 x IEEE International Impact Factor Journals / Magazines, 8 x General Interest Magazines and 5 x Newspapers (3 x English and 2 x Urdu) are being subscribed by Library.