Loan Policy

Loan Privilege for Books

Following categories of members shall observe the loan schedule mentioned against each:

a.Teaching faculty members 5 books for 30 days
b.All others 3 books for 14 days

Terms of Loan

Information material of the following nature shall not be issued but consulted in the library:

  • Works marked as REFERENCE/RESERVED such as Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Atlases etc.
  • Current issues of periodicals and newspapers.
  • Unprocessed/under process material like thesis, student’s project/ research reports and pamphlets.
  • Non-printed material other than received as allied material.
  • Works other than mentioned above may be issued on recommendation of Dean/HoDs in temporarily loan category (i.e, for 4-5 hours).


  • Loaned resources can be renewed for further fifteen days provided no other user had reserved it.
  • Overdue material will not be re-issued.
  • If borrowed material is urgently required in the library, it would be called back.
  • Librarian may withhold/ restrict circulation of any material.
  • Currently, Books cannot be re-issued on telephone/ by email.


Overdue Fines

Books and other library resources borrowed from NUTECH Library must be returned within the due date mentioned on ‘Due Date Slip’. Items not returned within due date will be fined as follows:

  • Regular loan – Rs 20 per day.
  • If a fine exceeds Rs 1000, membership may be curtailed until the payment of the fine. The Competent Authority has the discretion to waive off any portion of the fine.

Damage Fines

  • If borrowed material is damaged or lost, the borrower will be required to deposit either exact replacement or fine which may be up to three times the actual cost of the material.
  • In case the damaged / lost item or book is a part of the set, the borrower will have to make payment for the whole set.