• Nation Building through Higher Education & Skills Development in Diverse Technology Streams.
  • Produce Technologically Sound & Professionally Capable HR in Contemporary & Emerging Hi-tech Fields to Support National Socio-Economic Development.
  • Revolutionizing Sciences driven Technology Education as an Attractive Career Stream with Increased & Diversified Employability, Capitalizing on National, Regional & International Opportunities & Meeting Future Challenges.
  • Developing Creative HR in Technology & Skills to Promote Knowledge & Skills Based Environment for Economic Reconstruction of Pakistan.
  • Patent based Applied Research in Emerging Technologies through Triple Helix (Academia – Industry – Business) & Offer Cost Effective Technology Solutions for National, Regional & International Industry.
  • Promoting and Facilitating Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development for Socio-Economic Uplift.
  • Sharing Ideas, Resources & Strengths.
  • Bridge between Engineering Technologies & Skilled Workforce for Synergizing Industrial Productivity & Creating Platform for Global Research Collaborations in Engineering Technologies.


  • To develop industrial skills through education & training
  • To generate, acquire, adopt real knowledge for creation & development of technology
  • To promote entrepreneurship as start-ups & spin-offs
  • R&D well-coordinated with industry growth agendas
  • Industry investment in university R&D
  • Scientific & technological capabilities grow with industrial development
  • Commercialization of R&D outcomes


  • Industry transformation into OEMs of tomorrow
  • High-end technology based value addition
  • Technology driven competition in industry
  • Innovative solutions for industry
  • Profits optimization leading to maximization
  • Sustainable development through triple helix
  • Bridge between government & industry
  • Technology products export maximization
  • Transformation of academia knowledge into wealth
  • NUTECH as strategic industry partner
  • Strengthen industry through high quality technology developers, implementers and transfer experts


  • Nation building through technology & skills education for progressive growth & development of national industry
  • Produce technologically advanced & professionally capable human resource (HR) for national industry to work towards its transformation into state-of-the-art sector
  • Developing innovative human resource (HR) in technology & skills to revive different industrial sectors in Pakistan
  • Offer cost effective & research driven technology solutions for national industry
  • Applied Industrial development in emerging technologies through triple helix (Academia –Industry – Government)
  • Promote and facilitate entrepreneurship and enterprise development for industrial sector