Hostels Facilities

Welcome to the NUTECH’s Hostel

NUTECH is the pioneering University of Pakistan, aiming to revolutionize science-driven engineering and technology education with the integration of international practices of the world’s leading technology universities. With the educational infrastructure of international standards and world-class technology-based learning, we intend to inspire the youth as skilled and promising entrepreneurs of tomorrow. To achieve our mutual milestones, we fully facilitate our students. So that, they can fully concentrate on their goals. Along with a long list of facilities, we offer fully furnished and fully ventilated hostels. As, it has been seen that parents are so attentive to some other aspects as well while enrolling their children in any institute. For instance, the social environment of educational institutes, the accommodation facility, and the security has become the most common queries of parents. We understand all those queries of parents. Therefore, along with offering the futuristic technology-based learning of international standards, we also take care of all those aspects.
To ensure the safety of our students and provide them the best facilities, we offer fine accommodation to our students. We offer them on-campus hostels with the best social environment and 24/7 security assurance. NUTECH hostels have been established for far-fetched students. We have separate hostels for both male and female students. Both hostels are located within the campus. So, there will be no tension for students to travel daily. Also, both male and female hostels are located near the main building of the university. Most important of all, our hostels are fully equipped with all facilities and amenities for standard living. Approximately 200 male students and more than 50 female students have already been accommodated in the hostels. However, both hostels still have the capacity to easily accommodate more than these figures. Above and beyond, our hostel rooms are furnished with comfortable beds, study tables, and separate cupboards for each student. Not just that but the rooms are spacious and fully ventilated with windows. The most important concern of today’s time is the provision of electricity. So, we have 24/7 power backup in case of any electricity breakdown. Moreover, the laundry services, WIFI-availability, and gymnasium are the additional perks of our hostels. Besides, our rooms are fully geared with the best lighting and streamers. Moreover, both hostels have TV rooms which are also used for playing different indoor games like cards, chess, carrom-board, etc. Keeping the boys’ interest in mind, we have a separate room and a court for table tennis exclusively in their hostel. Because we believe that hostels are meant to make memories and improve the overall performance in studies. Therefore, we ensure to provide a fully relaxed environment to them. So that they can perform well in their studies. Since mental health is the basic requirement of good performance in studies. Keeping this notion in mind, we aim to provide our students a home-like environment. For that, we have different recreational rooms where they can relax and interact with each other. Most of the students use these rooms for combine studies as well. Last but not the least, both hostels are fully equipped with the facility of mess. Mess is managed by the specially designated faculty. Under the supervision of experts, healthy food is prepared. In a nutshell, NUTECH’s hostel is ideally good for the students who come from far-flung areas to pursue their dreams. They can easily pursue their dreams while enjoying the comforts of home.