Graduate Education

Graduate education is the gateway to research and development and leads to master’s degree and a doctorate degree by entailing study and research beyond the bachelor’s degree. The graduate degree can be pursued immediately after the bachelor’s degree or the student may return to the graduate school after some gap. The graduate degree program translates into a significant investment in one’s professional career. In addition to the enhanced career prospects that are gained by pursuing a graduate degree, students also develop valuable personal skills and at the same time fulfil a crucial prerequisite to PhD study.  The graduate program is the gateway to research that allows to focus on challenging research themes for acquiring a doctorate degree by research in any field of study.

MS program encourages a research culture based on knowledge and rigor of the community involved to set career paths both for students and teachers leading to sustainable society and individual wellbeing.

As per the NUTECH vision and mission, Graduate Studies is an integral part of the education system. The Dean Graduate Education (DGE) office provides mentorship to the newly inducted faculty members, facilitates and motivates research culture for graduate studies that sets career paths for students and teachers as well as works closely with the NUTECH Research and Development (NURAD) Office, which endorses and encourages R&D efforts of all faculty members and students of NUTECH. The excellence and prowess of the faculty members in research arena gleans through the worth of their published material in the form of journal publications, books, patents and invited participation in prestigious conferences. This is being recognized by several partnerships with industries and hitching several national and international level projects.