Registrar Office


At the NUTECH Registrar’s office, we partner with students, faculty & staff to promote excellence through curriculum innovation, community-building, secure and accurate academic information and a robust and responsive registration infrastructure.

We are the BRIDGE between the academic system and the allied academic support system of the university. Registrar office steers the dynamic functions and plays pivotal role in the execution of all approved policies at NUTECH.

Registrar plays key role in the preparation of academics’ plan encompassing academic calendar, weekly academic activities, arrangements and facilitation of education workshops, conferences, symposia, academic association and linkages with scientific organizations, R&D setups etc.

The office integrates and synergizes all academics, research, skills education based learning and knowledge enhancement activities with future design, planning and development activities of the university.

Registrar is the focal representative, sole spokesperson and interpreter of policies of the university before the outside world.

We are guardians of Law, Statutes & Policies at NUTECH.