Dr. Muhammad Khurram

Designation                        Head of Department / Associate Professor                                                          

Email ID(s)                         [email protected]                                                    

Contact #                             0333-5510962                                                    

NUTECH ext.                      188                                        

Sr. NoDegreeUniversity
1P.hD Mechanical Engg.National University of Science & Technology
2MS Mechanical EnggNational University of Science & Technology
3BSc Mechanical EnggEME College

Teaching Experience

Sr. NoDesignationUniversityYear
1Associate ProfessorNational University of Technology2019

Professional Memberships

Sr. NoMembership TypeMembership Body
1Registered EngrPakistan Engineering Council

Research Areas/Interests

Sr. NoArea
2Automative Technology

Journal Publications

Sr. NoJournal NamePublication Title with I.FYear
1MeasurementsExperimental and theoretical evaluation of friction in roller follower valve train" Impact Factor 3.3642021
2Tribology TransactionsComparison of Flash Temperature at Cam/Tappet Interface Using Different Theoretical Models and its Effects on Friction Torque” Impact Factor 1.5502020
3Measurement VolumeExperimental and Theoretical Evaluation of Friction in Roller Follower Valve Train” Impact Factor 3.3642020
4Tribology InternationalRoller Sliding in Engine Valve Train: Effect of Oil Film Thickness Considering Lubricant Composition” Impact Factor 4.2712020
5Tribology - Materials. Surfaces and InterfacesSimulating cam and follower wear in valve train” Impact Factor 0.762019
6Indoor and Built EnvironmentRole of passive design and alternative energy in building energy optimization2019
7Materials Science & Engineering AQuaternary alloying of copper with Ti50Ni25Pd25 high temperature shape memory alloys” Impact Factor 4.6522019
8Proceeding of Institute of Mech Engg Journal of Automobile Engineering, Part DBenefits of wonder process craft on engine valve train performance” Impact Factor 1.3842018
9Tribology International“Effect of flash temperature on engine valve train friction” Impact Factor 4.2712017
10Surface and Coatings TechnologyInvestigation of laser texture density and diameter on the tribological behavior of hydrogenated DLC coating with line contact configuration” Impact Factor 3.7842017
11Proceeding of Institute of Mech Engg Journal of Engg. Tribology, Part JExperimental Investigation of Roller Slip in End Pivoted Roller Follower Valve Train” Impact Factor 1.3182015
12Transactions of the Canadian Society for Mechanical EngineeringA Numerical Approach to Calculate the Creep in Roller Follower Valve Train Based on Friction and Lubrication Modeling” Impact Factor 0.382015
13Tribology InternationalEffect of Lubricant Chemistry on the Performance of End Pivoted Roller Follower Valve Train” Impact Factor 4.2712014

Conference Publications

Sr. NoJournal NamePublication TitleYear
141st Leeds-Lyon UK Symposium on Integrated TribologyEffect of Lubricant Chemistry on the Performance of End Pivoted Roller Follower Valve Train2014
Poster Presentation 40th Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology &Tribo chemistry Forum 2013 Lyon, FranceEffect of Lubricant Chemistry on the Camshaft Friction and Follower Rotation2013
2International Congress on Recent Development in Engineering and Technology (RDET-16) Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)Effect of Lubricant Inlet Pressure on the Roller Slip in Roller Follower Valve Train2016

Filled Patent

1Technique and Apparatus for Rotational Speed and Sliding Measurement of Roller in Roller follower Valve Train in Engines (Ref 708/2015)
2Dynamic Oil Film Thickness Measurement System for Engine Valve Trains using Electrical Capacitive Technique (Ref 707/2015)
3Engine Direct Acting Follower Rotational Speed Measuring System (Ref 507/2013)