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1Comparison of Evaporation in Conventional Diesel and Bio-fuel Droplets in Engine CylinderDr. Muhammad KhurramBook Chapter2023
2Multimodal piezoelectric wind energy harvester for aerospace applicationsJournal2022
3Mechanical Properties of Aged-TiNiPdCu High Temperature
Shape Memory Alloys
4State-of-the-Art and Future Perspectives of Environmentally
Friendly Machining Using Biodegradable Cutting Fluids
5Prediction of Non-Uniform Distorted Flows, Effects on Transonic Compressor Using CFD, Regression Analysis and Artificial Neural NetworksJournal2021
6Role of passive design and alternative energy in building energy optimizationJournal2019
7Comparison of Flash Temperature at Cam/Tappet Interface Using Different Theoretical Models and its Effects on Friction TorqueJournal2019
8Influence of Cu addition on transformation temperatures and thermal stability of TiNiPd high temperature shape memory alloysJournal2019
9Simulating cam and follower wear in valve train. Tribology-Materials.Journal2019
10Roller Sliding in Engine Valve Train: Effect of Oil Film Thickness Considering Lubricant Composition.Journal2019
11Benefits of wonder process craft on engine valve train performanceConference2018
12Investigation of laser texture density and diameter on the tribological behavior of hydrogenated DLC coating with line contact configurationJournal2017
13Effect of flash temperature on engine valve train frictionJournal2017
14A Numerical Approach to Calculate the Creep in Roller Follower Valve Train Based on Friction and Lubrication ModelingJournal2015
15Experimental Investigation of Roller Slip in End Pivoted Roller Follower Valve TrainConference2015
16Effect of Lubricant Chemistry on the Performance of End Pivoted Roller Follower Valve TrainJournal2014
1Effect of high energy ball milling on the low temperature densification of plate-like alumina powderDr. Umair ManzoorJournal2021
2TiO2 nanoparticles dose, application method and phosphorous levels influence genotoxicity in Rice (Oryza sativa L.), soil enzymatic activities and plant growthJournal2021
3Controlling the concentration of gold nanorods during their dielectrophoresis-assisted depositionJournal2020
4Raman spectroscopy of nominally Ni doped LiNixMn2-xO4 (0 ≤ x ≤0.20)Journal2019
5Container-less Solidification of Eutectic and High Entropy AlloysConference2018
6Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses of Copper Ores collected from Baluchistan, Pakistan using LIBS and LA-TOF-MSJournal2018
7Structural, optical and antibacterial characterizations of mechano-chemically prepared ZnO nanoparticlesJournal2016
8Highly Responsive UV Light Sensors Using Mg-Doped ZnO NanoparticlesJournal2016
9Recent Progress in Structural and Electrochemical Properties of LiFePO4 for Composite Based BatteriesJournal2015
10Photocatalysis and Bandgap Engineering Using ZnO NanocompositesJournal2015
11The pronounced role of impurity phases in the optical properties of Mn catalyzed ZnS nanostructuresJournal2015
12Diameter control of carbon nanotubes using argon-acetylene mixture and their application as IR sensorJournal2015
13Piezoelectric, Piezo-phototronic, and UV sensing Properties of Single Ultra Long NanobeltJournal2015
14Effect of Synthesis Temperature, Nucleation Time and Post Synthesis Heat Treatment of ZnO Nanoparticles and Its Sensing Properties Synthesized by Co-PrecipitationJournal2015
15Cometabolic degradation kinetics of Trichloroethylene based on toluene enhancement by encapsulated Burkholderia cepacia G4Journal2014
16Environmental dynamics and engineered systems for the degradation of trichloroethylene: a critical reviewJournal2014
17A review on removal of pollutants from water/wastewater using different types of nanomaterialsJournal2014
18Removal of Micrometer Size Morphological Defects and Enhancement of Ultraviolet Emission by Thermal Treatment of Ga-Doped ZnO NanostructuresJournal2014
19Simultaneous degradation of Trichloroethylene and toluene by Burkholderia cepacia G4 and the effect of biotransformation on bacterial densityJournal2014
20Ultra-Long Multicolor Belts and Unique Morphologies of Tin Doped Zinc Oxide NanostructuresJournal2014
21Variation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in rainwater harvesting systems: effects of different seasons, catchments and storage conditionsJournal2014
22Variation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in rainwater harvesting systems: effects of different seasons, catchments and storage conditionsJournal2013
23Single particle UV Sensor and Effect of Subsequent Heat Treatment on the Morphology and Optical Properties of Unique ZnO NanorodJournal2013
24Processing–structure–property correlation in dc sputtered molybdenum thin filmsJournal2013
25Catalyst driven optical properties of the self–assembled ZnS nanostructuresJournal2013
26Synthesis of ZnO Nanostructures for Low Temperature CO and UV SensingJournal2012
27Synthesis of multiwalled carbon nanotube-based infrared radiation detectorJournal2012
28Silver disinfection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and E. Coli in rooftop harvested rainwater for potable purposesJournal2012
29Competitive role of Mn diffusion with growth in Mn catalyzed nanostructuresJournal2012
30Catalyst solubility and self doping in ZnS nanostructuresJournal2012
31Morphological effects of reflux condensation on nanocrystalline anatase gel and thin filmsJournal2012
32Morphology tuned ZnS nanostructures for hydrogen gas sensingJournal2011
33Antibacterial effects of Tungsten nanoparticles on the Escherichia coli strains isolated from catheterized urinary tract infection (UTI) cases and Staphylococcus aureusJournal2010
34Quantum Confinement Effect in ZnO Nanoparticles Synthesized by Co-Precipitate MethodJournal2009
35Size control of ZnO nanostructures formed in different temperature zones by varying Ar flow rate with tunable optical propertiesJournal2009
36Synthesis of ZnS (II-IV) Nanostructures for Gas Sensors and Effect of Growth ConditionsConference2009
37Synthesis of Nano-Sized Barium Titanate Powder by Solid State Reaction of Barium Carbonate and TitaniaJournal2007
38Synthesis and enhancement of ultraviolet emission by post-thermal treatment of unique zinc oxide comb-shape dendritic nanostructuresJournal2006
39Formation of ZnO Nanostructures by Thermal EvaporationConference2003
40Development & Evaluation of Lead-Free Sn-Bi Solder AlloysConference1997
1Comparison of Evaporation in Conventional Diesel and Bio-fuel Droplets in Engine CylinderDr. Liaquat Ali KhanBook Chapter2023
2Kinematics and Singularity Analysis of 3-PRS Parallel Kinematic MechanismJournal2022
3Stiffness Analysis of 3-PRS Parallel Kinematic MechanismJournal2022
4Analyzing the cementite particle size and distribution in heterogeneous microstructure of C45EC steel using crystal plasticity- based DAMASK codeConference2021
5Potential and Transition of Concentrated Solar Power: A Case Study of ChinaJournal2021
6Investigating the effect of cementite particle size and distribution on local stress and strain evolution in spheroidized medium carbon steels using crystal plasticity- based numerical simulations.Journal2020
7Accuracy Analysis of a Six Degree of Freedom Machining Bed with Contemplating Work pieceJournal2020
8Thermo-economic analysis of combined cycle gas turbine integrated with forward feed multi-effect desalination systemJournal2020
9Heat exchanger exergetic Lifecycle Cost Optimization using Evolutionary AlgorithmsJournal2018
10Cost Effective Recre- cognition and Classification of Moving Objects using SimulinkJournal2016
11Design and Simulation of a Sine Wave Inverter with PID Control for Nonlinear Load ApplicationsJournal2016
12Inverse Kinematic Model and Simulation of a Prosthetic Upper LimbConference2015
13Modelling and Dynamics Analysis of Biped RobotConference2015
14Modeling and Kinematic Analysis of the Biped RobotJournal2015
15Design and Simulation of 0.75hp Soft Start AC Water Pump Powered by PV Solar systemJournal2015
16Forward Kinematics Model and Workspace Simulating of a Prosthetic ArmConference2014
17Design and Fabrication of a CNC Machine For Engraving and DrillingJournal2014
18Thermo-economic Lifecycle Energy Recovery System Optimization For Central Air-Conditioning System Using Evolutionary TechniqueJournal2012
19Thermo-economic Lifecycle cost Optimization of Annular Fin Heat ExchangerJournal2012
20Reinforcement Learning for Appearance Based Visual Serving in Robotics ManipulatorsConference2008
21PID Control of a Biped RobotConference2008
22Design and Development of a Robust Control Adjustable Electrical DC Drive System Using PI ControllerJournal2008
23Selection of Optimal Heat Sink Dimensions Using Evolutionary Strategies: A Case StudyJournal2008
24Heat Exchanger Exergo- economic life cycle cost optimizationConference2007
25PID Based Controller for High Rise Buildings Under Earthquake ExcitationConference2007
26X-ray Localization Technique for Total Hip Replacement Operation in Augmented Reality for Therapy (ART)Conference1999
1Kinematics and Singularity Analysis of 3-PRS Parallel Kinematic MechanismDr. Kamran NazirJournal2022
2Stiffness Analysis of 3-PRS Parallel Kinematic MechanismJournal2022
3Comparison of Mixing Strategies and Hybrid Ratio Optimization for Mechanical Properties Enhancement of Al-CeO2-GNP’s Metal Matrix Composite Fabricated by Friction Stir ProcessingJournal2019
4Effect of water temperature on air-core generation and disappearance during drainingJournal2018
5Aircore Mechanism during Draining based on Influence of Pressure Difference and Drain Port DiameterJournal2018
6A parametric analysis of direct laser deposition process using vibration control feeding systemJournal2017
7Study of aircore phenomenon and influence of water height during liquid drainingJournal2017
1Numerical Synthesis of graphene oxide (GO) and reduced graphene oxide (rGO) and their application as nano-fillers to improve the physical and mechanical properties of medium density fiberboardDr. Waheed GulJournal2023
2Impact of moisture content, closing speed, and pressurizing speed on the performance of medium density fiberboard (MDF)Journal2023
3Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger with Round and Hexagonal TubesJournal2023
4Application of advanced nanoparticles for enhancing the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)Conference2023
5Effect of the Embedment of Nano Particles on the Manufacturing Process Parameters and the Mechanical Properties of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)Journal2021
6Characterization of zinc oxide-urea formaldehyde nano resin and its impact on the physical performance of medium-density fiberboardJournal2021
7Effect of graphene oxide nanoparticles on the physical and mechanical properties of medium density fiberboardJournal2021
8Modeling and Simulation of Dual Beams Hybrid Energy Harvester for Bridge’s Health Monitoring SystemsJournal2021
9Effect of alumina nano-particles on physical and mechanical properties of medium density fiberboardJournal2020
10Effect of iron oxide nanoparticles on the physical properties of medium density fiberboardJournal2020
11Effect of embedment of MWCNTs for enhancement of physical and mechanical performance of medium density fiberboardJournal2020
12State of the Art Health Monitoring Systems of BridgesBook Chapter2019
13Energy harvesting, an incredible solution for structural health monitoring systems of bridgeConference2018
14Improving water resistance property of medium density fibreboard (MDF)Journal2017
15State of the Art Vibration Analysis of Electrical Rotating MachinesJournal2017
16Impact of hot pressing temperature on medium density fiberboard (MDF) performanceJournal2017
17Investigation and analysis of Tamarix aphylla (Ghaz wood) and Populus caspica (poplar wood) used as raw materials for manufacturing of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)Journal2016
18Improving Physical and Mechanical Properties of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)Conference2015
19Impact of Fiber Separation Quality on Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Physical and Mechanical PropertiesJournal2015
1Fabrication of Low-Cost Resistance Temperature Detectors and Micro-Heaters by Electrohydrodynamic PrintingDr. Salman Ahmad KhanJournal2022
2A low-cost printed humidity sensor on cellulose substrate by EHD printingJournal2022
3Additive Manufacturing for Sensor FabricationConference2022
4Electrohydrodynamic printed nanoparticle-based Resistive Temperature SensorJournal2022
5Computational Investigation of Power Consumptions for Six DOF Industrial Robotic ArmConference2021
6Printing of Low Cost Sensors by Additive ManufacturingConference2021
7Fabrication of Temperature-and Humidity-Independent Silver Nanoparticle's Carbon Composite-Based Strain Sensor through Additive Manufacturing ProcessJournal2021
8A low-cost printed organic thermoelectric generator for low-temperature energy harvestingJournal2021
9A Weldless Approach for Thermocouple Fabrication through Direct Ink Writing TechniqueJournal2020
10Fabrication of PEDOT: PSS conductive patterns on photo paper substrate through electro-hydrodynamic jet printing processJournal2019
1Comparison of Evaporation in Conventional Diesel and Bio-fuel Droplets in Engine CylinderAli RazaBook Chapter2023
2Numerical Investigation of Evaporation Modelling for Different Diesel Fuels at High Temperature and Pressure in Diesel EngineJournal 2022
3Stiffness Analysis of 3-PRS Parallel Kinematic MechanismJournal 2022
4Numerical Study of Evaporation Modelling for Different Fuels at High Operating Conditions in a Diesel EngineConference2021
5Investigation on the Characteristics of Biodiesel Droplets in the Engine CylinderJournal2020
6Investigation of secondary breakup in DI high torque diesel engine at different injection pressureConference2018
7Numerical modelling of diesel fuel multiphase evaporation in heavy duty diesel engineConference2018
1Potential Assessment and Economic Analysis of Concentrated Solar Power against Solar Photovoltaic TechnologyMuhammad Basit ShafiqJournal2023
2Thermal performance enhancement of shell and helical coil heat exchanger using MWCNTs/water nanofluidJournal2022
3Exergy Destruction rate minimization in the absorber of a double effect vapor absorption system.Journal2022
1Statistical Analysis of Machining Parameters on Burr
Formation, Surface Roughness and Energy Consumption
during Milling of Aluminium Alloy Al 6061-T5
Sajid Raza ZaidiJournal2022
2Effect of Machining Parameters on Surface Roughness during milling operationJournal2021
1The effect of grid generated turbulence on the fluidelastic instability response in parallel triangular tube arraySyeda Laraib TariqJournal2021
2Thermal applications of hybrid phase change materials: A critical reviewJournal2020
3Experimental investigation on graphene based nanoparticles enhanced phase change materials (GbNePCMs) for thermal management of electronic equipmentJournal2020
4Nanoparticles enhanced phase change materials (NePCMs)-A recent reviewJournal2020
5A review of failure modes of nuclear fuel claddingJournal2019
6Vibration based gear fault diagnosis under empirical mode decomposition and power Spectrum density analysisJournal2019
7Solar Energy the Energy of Future Transport and a Case Study of Solar Powered Railway in pakistanConference2018
1Techniques for the fabrication of Super-Hydrophobic Surfaces and Their Heat Transfer ApplicationsGhulam MurtazaBook Chapter2018
1Modelling and optimization of phase change materials (PCM)-based passive cooling of solar PV panels in multi climate conditionsAsif DurezJournal2023
2Investigation of Optimum Phase Change Material for PV Panels in Malaysian Climatic ConditionsConference2023
3Comparison of Evaporation in Conventional Diesel and Bio-fuel Droplets in Engine CylinderBook Chapter2023
4Model Based Assesment of Phase Change Material (PCM) for Effective Cooling of PV Panels Considering Pakistani ClimateConference2021
5Safety Lesson: Transferring of Patients in Hospitals using Rack and Pinion based MechanismJournal2021
1Comparison of Evaporation in Conventional Diesel and Bio-fuel Droplets in Engine CylinderMuhammad Ahsan Pervaiz KhanBook Chapter2023