First Year

In the first year, students can take subjects from a variety of options in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, and can deepen their understanding of sciences and humanities and its relationships with engineering and technology as part of NUTECH Learning Communities Program (NLCP).

  1. Subjects
    PHY1101 Physics I, PHY1201 Physics II, MATH1101 Calculus I, MATH1102 Calculus II, CHE1001 Chemistry, BIO1002 Biology, HU1001 Language and Communication Skills, IS1001 Islamic Studies, PS1001 Pakistan Studies, ME2418 Manufacturing Processes.
    Students can choose one Interdisciplinary Engineering Electives as well.
  2. Experience
    Industrial Learning Experience 1
    Industrial Learning Experience 2
  3. Community
    Students can choose from one of these communities:
    SSC1101 Becoming Human
    MAST 1001 Computational Media Design
    SSC1102 Modern Conception of Freedom

Second Year

During the second year, students will continue their studies with subjects meeting various university requirements and beginning subjects in departmental programs, and will also focus on development of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills related to employment in industry as part of NUTECH Career Accelerator Program (NCAP).

1. Subjects

EE1034 Digital Logic Design, EE1201 Circuits and Electronics, EE1003 Introduction to Computer Programming, MATH3301 Linear Algebra and ODEs, EE2401 Signals and Systems, EE1012 Engineering Drawing Lab, EE1011 Workshop Technologies Lab, EE2501 Electromagnetics and Applications, MATH2501 Probability and Statistics.

2. Experience

  • Industrial Learning Experience 3
  • Industrial Learning Experience 4

Third Year

In third year, students will have the opportunity to participate in NUTECH Engineering Leadership Program (NELP), and develop team-working and teams-leading skills and leadership abilities by going through rigorous leadership exercises in courses, labs and through interactions with industrial leaders.

  1. Subjects
    EE2005 Data Structures and Algorithms, EE2009 Electrical Machines, EE2013 Instrumentation and Measurements, EE2101 Communication Systems Engineering, EE2301 Feedback System Design, EE2007 Introduction to Embedded Systems, MGT1002 Engineering Project Management, HU1005 Technical Communication for Engineers.
    One Restrictive Engineering Elective subject
    One Concentration Stream subject
  2. Experience
    Industrial Learning Experience 5
    Industrial Learning Experience 6

Fourth Year

In third and fourth years, undergraduate students will have the opportunity to join faculty and graduate students in research projects through Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP). Experiences in UREP will encourage intellectual commitment and self-direction and provide a focus for students’ undergraduate studies.

  1. Subjects
    CEN2005 Introduction to Data Mining, SS2001 Ethics for Engineers, MGT1001 Entrepreneurship.
    Two Restrictive Engineering Elective subjects
    Three Concentration Scheme Subjects
  2. Experience
    Undergraduate Research Experience II
    Two Capstone Projects

Industrial Creativity Term Project-ICAT

During four week Industrial and Creative Activity Term (ICAT) in first three years, students will be able to do technology focused creative industrial projects and independent activities based on their personal interest and talent.

Elective Subjects

There will also be time for students to take elective subjects each year. These elective opportunities will allow students to follow their personal interests or to enrich their educational backgrounds.