NUTECH Participation at IDEAS-2022 Exhibition, Karachi

Islamabad – 15-18 Nov 2022

International Defence Exhibition and Seminar, IDEAS 2022 is being organized from 15th –
18th November 2022 at Karachi Expo Centre (KEC). IDEAS 2022 exhibits a wide variety of
Defence systems and showcases the technology of tomorrow and innovations in Defence
systems. The National University of Technology (NUTECH) is taking an active part in the
exhibition. NUTECH is presenting at the expo in which research projects/products like
Advanced Ballistic Solver, ICU Grade Ventilator, 3D Printer, Wind Speed Assessment
System, Ballistic Solver Device for Tk VT4 and Sniper Rifle are being displayed. During this
activity, the contacts established with various industrial/commercial entities by the NUTECH
team, will greatly facilitate NUTECH’s future engagements with the Defence industry in
terms of international and national collaborative ventures.