Semester 1

Course CodeSubject Credit Hour
CS5001Advanced Analysis of Algorithms3(3-0)
CS5003Advanced Operating Systems3(3-0)
CSxxxxElective Course – I3(3-0)
RM5000Research Methodology1(1-0)
Total credit hour10

Semester 2

Course CodeSubject Credit Hour
CS5005Theory of Programming Languages3(3-0)
CS5007Advance Theory of Computation/Theory of Automata – II 3(3-0)
CSxxxxElective Course - II3(3-0)
CSxxxxElective Course - III
CS999/CSxxxxMS Thesis- I / Elective Course
Total Credit Hours15

Semester 3

Course CodeSubject Credit Hour
CSxxxxElective Course - IV
CS999/CSxxxxMS Thesis- II / Elective Course
Total Credit Hours06

Deficiency courses for MS CS program:

The following courses are recommended to be completed as pre-requisite against core courses of the program if required:

CS 4103Analysis of Algorithms
CS 4603Assembly Lang. / Computer Architecture
CS 4015Computer Networks
CS 1003Computer Programming
CS 3007Data Structures
CS 4011Database Systems
CS 4013Operating Systems
Cs 3009Software Engineering
CS 3101Theory of Automata

Core Courses

CS 5001Advanced Analysis of Algorithms
CS 5003Advanced Operating Systems
CS 5005Theory of Programming Languages
CS 5007Theory of Automata – II
  RM 5000Research Methodology
  CS 6998MS Thesis – I
  CS 6999MS Thesis – II

Elective Courses

  • Artificial Intelligence
CS 5101Advanced Artificial Intelligence
CS 5103Machine Learning
CS 5105Natural Language Processing      
CS 5107Artificial Neural Networks
CS 5109Knowledge Representation & Reasoning
CS 5111Computing Vision
CS 5113Deep Learning
  • Software Engineering
CS 5201Software Quality Assurance        
CS 5203Software Requirement Engineering         
CS 5205Formal Methods for Software Engineering
CS 5207Software Design     
CS 5209Software Process Improvement   
  • Computer Networks
CS 5301Mobile and Pervasive Computing   
CS 5303Advanced Computer Networks         
CS 5305Wireless Networks  
CS 5307Probability and Stochastic Processes
CS 5309Network Security    
CS 5311Network Performance Evaluation
  • Databases
CS 5401Distributed DBMS
CS 5403Information Retrieval Techniques
CS 5405Object Oriented DBMS
CS 5407Data Mining
  • Information Security
CS 5501Information Privacy and Security
CS 5503Cryptography
CS 5505Computer Security
CS 5507Network Security
CS 5509Computer Forensics
  • Data Science
CS 5601Statistical and Mathematical Methods for Data Science
CS 5603Tools and Techniques in Data Science
CS 5605Big Data Analytics
CS 5607Distributed Data Processing