Book Launching Ceremony: China-Pakistan-Iran Trilateral Relations in the Changing World

Book Launching Ceremony of “CHINA-PAKISTAN-IRAN TRILATERAL RELATIONS IN THE CHANGING WORLD” authored by Mr Raza Ali Khan, was organized at NUTECH University Seminar Hall, on 5 December 2023. The event was attended by various Think-tanks, Academicians, Serving and Retired Senior Military Officials, Civilian Dignitaries and by students of different universities. Ambassador Sohail Mahmood, DG Islamabad Strategic Studies Institute graced the occasion as Chief Guest.

During the ceremony, the distinguished speakers from academia presented their reviews about the book. Gist of reviews are as follows :- Dr. Muhammad Khan Chairman Department of Politics and International Relations, Director Academics and Examinations, International Islamic University Islamabad, commended author’s academic pursuit. He divulged upon the book contents under the current regional political strategic milieu and pointed out that geo-economics has taken the lead instead of erstwhile geopolitics. He also acknowledged the vision and farsightedness of the author by referring to the current Middle East situation and highlighted that the book is launched at a right time. Dr Muhammad Khan, credited the author for highlighting the formulation of multiple power centers in the emerging world.

Dr. Amna Mahmood former Dean Faculty of Social Sciences and Chairperson Department of Politics & International Relation in International Islamic University, congratulated / acknowledged the author’s scholastic research work and stated that Trilateralism is much more complex that bilateralism. She highlighted that the topic has been aptly handled while using different paradigms and complex relationships are always based on realism i.e convergence of interest of the actors/ states involved. She was candid in her views about the importance of Interdependence in this trilateral relationship and yearn that the actors involved need to exhibit the potential to foster this relationship on reciprocity.

Dr. Muhammad Riaz Shad Professor & Head of Department of international relations NUM, praised the scholarly efforts of the author and commented on the social context of the book. He also acknowledged author’s understanding of the internal characteristics of the actors involved in this trilateral relationship. He also viewed China as the main driving force of this equation amongst the three countries.

Mr Muhammad Tariq Niaz PhD Scholar NUML, applauded the author’s journey in a scholarly pursuit by giving an account of author’s previous two books and highlighted that this trilateral relationship is a geopolitical game changer for this region. He also acknowledged author’s dedication to knowledge, shedding light on critical issues and his passion for fostering the cooperation and understanding amongst these nations for a better interconnected world.

In the end, the honorable Chief Guest Ambassador Sohail Mahmmod, DG ISSI expressed his gratitude to the author and NUTECH university for this honour. He acknowledged author’s diplomatic services in Tehran, Iran in addition to being a decorated senior military officer. While commenting on the book, the ambassador highlighted that this is a pioneering work on the topic: China-Iran-Pakistan trilateral relations that evaluates its prospects, challenges and opportunities involved in light of rapidly evolving global dynamics. He also shared that the author’s views on paradigm of Complex Interdependence best explains the trilateral relationship which, if aptly realized, could be a ‘Triangle of Peace and Prosperity’. In the end, he stated that Pakistan needs to avoid any other geostrategic rivalry under the current dynamics of China-America relationship and strive to maintain a balanced relationship with both powers. Moreover, he stressed that Pakistan’s diplomatic approach needs to be pragmatic in the changing global arena.

This book is hailed as a futuristic and contemporary masterpiece on the trilateral relations between China, Pakistan, and Iran and their far-reaching implications. Beyond being a literary creation, it represents a journey into the dynamics of the relationship between three major actors in the Asian region. The author delves into the potential impact of trilateral cooperation, providing valuable insights for policymakers, students, and academicians in the field of International Relations. Overall the forum was well received by the audience as it enriched their understanding about trilateral relationship.