Breaking News: Dr. Marium Jalal has been selected for the most competitive and prestigious British Council Charles Wallace Fellowship Award 2024

In a remarkable achievement, Dr. Marium Jalal has been honored with the highly esteemed British Council Charles Wallace Trust Fellowship 2024. This prestigious award, one of the most coveted and competitive grants in the academic realm, is granted to only a few individuals across the country.

Dr. Marium Jalal’s exceptional work and dedication have earned her this distinguished fellowship, which is a testament to her outstanding contributions to the field of climate change and information communication technologies (ICT) In collaboration with the UK’s top two esteemed institutions:

  1. James Watt School of Engineering at University of Glasgow and  
  2. Fluid Flow and Environmental Engineering department (Centre for Water, Environment and Development) at University of Cranfield.

Dr. Jalal’s fellowship will delve into the crucial topic of “Climate Change and Implementation of Information Communication Technologies: A Way Forward.” This collaborative effort promises to advance our understanding of how ICT can be leveraged as a solution in combating climate change and paving the way for a sustainable future.

The award is fully funded by the British Council, signifies a significant investment in Dr. Jalal’s research endeavors and underscores the importance of her work in addressing one of the most pressing global challenges of our time. Dr. Marium Jalal’s achievement stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring scholars and underscores the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in tackling complex issues like climate change at National University of Technology (NUTECH) Islamabad.