Online Seminar on “Is Pakistan at the Brink of Socio-Economic and Political Collapse”

To enlighten the students about the topic titled “Is Pakistan at the Brink of Socio-Economic and Political Collapse”, a seminar was organized by the Dean of the University Office on 9 February 2023. Mr. Usman Dogar, who worked with UNESCO PEER Nairobi and currently serving as Political Affairs Officer with UNSOM in Somalia was invited to deliver a lecture on the importance of Pakistan’s Socio-Economic and Political Collapse situation. As connected through zoom with the audience, the speaker eloquently sheds light on the current crisis condition of Pakistan by sharing the case studies of the economic situation that prevailed in different countries like India, Japan, Argentina, Italy, Bangladesh, etc. He discussed the enduring political, economic, and Governance challenges encountered by Pakistan in current times and recommended the way forward strategy direction for the youth. The highly informative lecture ended with some pertinent questions from the audience, which were articulately answered by the guest speaker.