Kamiyab Jawan Program

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NUTECH and “Kamyab Jawan” Program (2020)

Youth participation in the socio-economic race of any country is an important aspect as it affects social and monetary advancement of the society. In this regard, presently, NUTECH Skills Development Directorate (NSDD) is offering five different hi-tech certification courses under “Kamyab Jawan” Program initiated by Prime Minister of Pakistan. The courses offered include Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile Application Development, Computer Graphics, and Robotics. The primary goal of these hi-tech courses is to equip the students with state-of-the-art skillset required for the IT (or other relevant) industries being aware of the latest digitization trends. Later, these high-tech courses will help in creating a skillful workforce for the industries, which will essentially result in betterment of the society and country. Moreover, skill-based learning will equip the students with the ability to start their own work environments/setups, thus becoming entrepreneurs and creating more job opportunities.

Why Hi-tech Skills are Essential?

Technology has enriched our lives with greater convenience, improved access to information, and revolutionized how we work. Although many of us are now familiar with using technology, most of us would not know how to build and maintain the websites and Apps we have become so reliant upon. It has become mandatory to equip our students with the ability to develop hi-tech skills that will be required to thrive in tomorrow’s world. Learning skills that will be directly relevant to industries and careers of the future (from artificial intelligence to  IoT  and machine learning) is transforming the ways how businesses and societies operate. From learning how to code apps and websites, to knowing how to navigate video editing software, these skills not only help to build directly useful skills required to bring technology-related ideas to life, but they also develop coveted transferable skills. In a world of information asking a right question is more important than knowing the right answer.

Benefits of Hi-tech Skills Education

  • Increase in confidence and productivity
  • Prevents problems and allows for more collaboration
  • More versatility and security in your industry
  • Creativity and Innovation

Today, with computers and internet, people are earning more than the people running bigger construction plants. It’s due to the reasons that IT is involved in almost everything that is about business, education, entertainment, and consumer services. So, at least if students are not getting jobs due to their academic qualifications, they can get based on their hi-tech skills.

Courses Offered

  1. Internet of Things (IoT) System and Application Development – Level 4
  2. Robotics – Level 4
  3. Cloud Computing – Level 4
  4. Mobile Application Development – Level 4
  5. Computer Graphics (UI/UX Designing) (Level-04)