Computer Graphics Motion

Computer Graphics Motion course will benefit trainees for producing flamboyant videos, animations, and illustrations. With promising career in the field, this industry is rapidly growing at fast pace. Motion graphics are digital animations that create the illusion of motion. In Computer Graphic Motion the demand for creative specialists is very high. This 6 Months course will prepare the trainees for challenging yet exciting world of electronic media industry.

Perform Software & Hardware Maintenance

  • Windows Installation, Troubleshooting
  • MS Office, Software Installation

Adobe Animate

  • 2D animation and modeling
  • Character animation
  • Storyboarding

Adobe premiere

  • Basics of video editing
  • Video production process
  • Film Making, Animation and Television Production

Adobe Photoshop

  • Photo Manipulation, Photo Restoration
  • Brochure Designing
  • Posters, Flyers and Business Cards

Adobe Illustrator

  • Visual Design Elements & Principles
  • Portrait & Landscape Illustrations
  • Process of Branding with case studies


  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Types of Freelancing
  • ID and gig creation on Fiverr
  • YouTube Channel and monetization.

Adobe After Effects

  • Motion Graphics (VFX and SFX)
  • Digital Visual Effects,
  • Composite Videos and Logo Animation

Module Title Theory Hrs. Practical Hrs. Total Hrs.
0 Computer Basics 10 40 50
1 Adobe Photoshop 20 80 100
2 Freelancing 5 20 25
3 Adobe Premier Pro 20 80 100
4 Adobe Illustrator 20 100 100
5 Adobe After Effects  20 80 100
(04 Weeks) Internship/On Job Training

Training Calendar of Computer Graphics (Motion): 26 weeks

Faculty Staff Members

Lecturer Skills

Mr. Usman Majeed

Lecturer Skills

Ms. Sadaf Nadeem