Cloud Computing

CBT Based Program

The course offered for Cloud Computing is Competency Based Training (CBT). CBT program is designed and delivered by adopting a systematic approach, focusing on better employability of the trainees with strong market linkages. It is 80 % practical training with mandatory feature of internship in industry. Through competency-based assessment, the trainees will be assessed after completing the programme and awarded high quality national vocational certificates.

Modules offered

Cloud Computing course offers the following learning modules:

Computing Fundamentals, Programming, and Databases

This module emphasizes on study, analysis, practice, and implementation of the core concepts related to computing, networks, computer programming, and database management system.

Fundamentals of Cloud Computing – Architecture, Characteristics, and Service Models

This module focuses on learning, understand, and investigating the fundamental characteristics, architectures, and services models for cloud computing. Moreover, this module involves creation, design, and/or implementation of the basic cloud services using different platforms, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Cloud Computing

This module provides the study and implementation of basic model for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Micro-services, Java Web services, and RESTful APIs. Moreover, it focuses on working, writing, and deploying cloud-based services and applications using Docker framework.

Working with Hadoop and Big Data Processing

This module entails study, analysis, and implementation of fundamental concepts related to Hadoop framework and Big Data Processing. Moreover, this module involves practicing the basic concepts of Map/Reduce programming and implementing various sample projects using Map/Reduce.

Emerging Trends and Applications for Cloud Computing

This module relates to study, investigation, and implementation of advanced trends and challenges in cloud computing, including real-time applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Moreover, this module focuses on analyzing and implementing the solutions for cloud security challenges using state-of-the-art encryption and authentication mechanisms.