Internet of Things (IoT) System and Application Development

CBT Based Program

The course offered for Internet of Things (IoT) is Competency Based Training (CBT). CBT program is designed and delivered by adopting a systematic approach, focusing on better employability of the trainees with strong market linkages. It is 80 % practical training with mandatory feature of internship in industry. Through competency-based assessment, the trainees will be assessed after completing the programme and awarded high quality national vocational certificates.

Modules Offered

Modules offered in Internet of Things (IoT) course are designed to cater the need of industry.

Introduction to Programming Languages (Python)

The objective of this module is to become familiar with the Python IDE for version 3.X while introducing basic mathematical operations, variable types, and printing options. Developers have to create IoT devices to make life easy. Nowadays most popular microcontrollers also use python language like Micropython board and software package and other.

Introduction to Internet of Things Area of Interest / Applications

This module covers Historical Background and overview of the IoT course, Areas of IoT Applications, Key benefits of IoT technology and challenges of IoT.

Internet of Things Sensors and Devices/Software Architecture of the IoT

This Module covers basic electronic design as applied to IoT sensors and embedded controllers, IoT devices Operating Systems as Raspbian Desktop OS / Linux, Software architecture for the Internet of Things, Importance, and challenges of designed architecture/ architectural patterns.

Device Programming for IoT Simulators

This Module covers Basics of Arduino Programming, Core components of Arduino Sketch, Basics of Electronics, Passive Circuit Elements and Active Circuit Elements, Understanding Programmable Electronics, Understanding Input and Output Pins.

Internet of Things device configuration and communication

This Module covers IoT Starter Kit including Arduino UNO, Breadboard, Jumper Wires, Buzzer, DC Motor, L298N Module, SG90 Servo Motor, Matrix Keypad, DHT 11, LCD 16×2, Push Button, LEDs, Potentiometer, LDR, 2-in-1 Screwdriver, Setting Up Arduino Environment.

Working on IoT platform and cloud Edge Computing in IoT

This Module covers Cloud Computing in IoT Environment, Working of edge computing, Benefits of edge computing, Role of Internet of Things and cloud computing, Future with IoT, edge and cloud computing, Smart analytics, Better security, Inter-device interactions.