Advance Project Management with Primavera P6 Level 04

Course Overview

Project Management (Level-04)

The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints

CBT Based Program

The course offered for Computer Graphics is Competency Based Training (CBT). CBT program is designed and delivered by adopting a systematic approach, focusing on better employability of the trainees with strong market linkages. It is 80 % practical training with mandatory feature of internship in industry. Through competency based assessment, the trainees will be assessed after completing the programme and awarded high quality national vocational certificates.

Modules Offered

Modules offered in Project Management are designed to cater the need of industry. Following are the modules included in the course:

Computer Basics
This module covers the concepts fundamentals of computer. This module will enhance the familiarity of computer to students. They will be able to work with different soft wares such as MS. Word, MS. Excel and MS. Power point.

Project Management Basics
This module will also help them to clear their goal in Project Management from career and learning perspective.

Project Integration Management
This module describes the different tools and techniques, Inputs and outputs involved in Project Integration Management.

Project Scope Management
This module will help student understand the importance of Scope for a Project and includes practical exercises on the creation of scope documents such as project scope management plan, work breakdown structure etc.

Introduction to Primavera P6
After this module students will have basic understanding of Primavera P6.

Primavera P6 Fundamentals
After this module, Students will be able to create projects in primavera, add the projects’ information and add different activities in the project.

Project Schedule Management
This Module will help students in identifying activities and relationships among them, Creating Network Diagrams and apply different analysis tools and techniques on it to forecast about the success of Project.

Project Schedule Management in Primavera P6
This Module will help students in shifting all Schedule data from documents into Primavera P6 software.

Project Cost Management
Students will be able to calculate total Budget of the Project by applying different estimation techniques and also get to know about the project Monitoring tool (Earned Value Management)

Project Quality Management and Costing in Primavera P6
This module will help students in creating costing data in Primavera P6 and create Quality management plan and Quality documents.

Project Resource Management
This module will help students in the creation of Resource Management plan, Development and management of a Project Team.

Primavera Filters and Project Risk Management
Students will be able to apply different filters in Primavera P6, identify and analyse project risks and prepare an appropriate response plan for the risks.

Risk Management in Primavera and Project Communication Management
Participants will be able to better plan the communication of their projects and understand the importance of communication in projects.

Project Stakeholders Management and Reporting in Primavera
At the end of this module, students will be able to create stakeholder management plan and reports in primavera.

Leadership and Agile project Management
Agile techniques started to spread into other areas of activity. Student

Faculty Members

Lecturer Skills

Mr. Junaid Mehboob

Lab Engineer Skills

Mr. M. Asher Ahsan

Lab Engineer Skills

Ms. Ayesha Zareef