CBT Based Program

The course offered for Robotics is Competency Based Training (CBT). CBT program is designed and delivered by adopting a systematic approach, focusing on better employability of the trainees with strong market linkages. It is 80 % practical training with mandatory feature of internship in industry. Through competency-based assessment, the trainees will be assessed after completing the programme and awarded high quality national vocational certificates.

Modules Offered

Modules offered in Computer Graphics are designed to cater the need of industry.

Revision of Basics /Prerequisites

In this module basic concepts of students are checked and revised. Basics of Electric Circuits, Mechanics and Computers is necessary to understand the later modules.

Introduction and Orientation

In this module basics of Robotics are demonstrated and its importance in industry is emphasized. Students are motivated to work in this area and inspired by showing practical examples of best Robots developed in the world.

Primer to Computer Programming

Computer programming is an integral part of robotics. Students need to understand the use of programming in Robotics. Extensive practice sessions are conducted in this module to make students understand programming languages and their application in Robotics.

Basic Concepts of Robotics

To understand and work in Robotics, basic concepts of Robotics are mandatory. In this module students are familiarized with basics of Robotics i.e. kinematics, dynamics, and transforms.

Robotic Simulators

Before moving to actual Robots students are made to work on Robotic simulators. Since students have already learned about programming and basics of Robotics, they can easily work on simulators and enhance their vision for Robotics.

Controllers for Robots

In this module students are provided with Robotic kits where they build their own Robots and program them. Students are trained to make and program controllers for execution of specific tasks by their designed Robots.

Sensors and Actuators

Sensors and actuators carry significant importance in Robots. In this module students are trained to interface many different types of sensors and actuators with controllers. In this way they can use any sensor of their choice in future.