NUTECH Institute of Vocational and Technical Skills (NIVATS) will serve as an academic organ of NSDD in the implementation of CBT&A as well as a model training institution dedicated in the implementation of CBT&A in all NUTECH affiliated TVET institutions. The organizational structure of NIVATS is given below:

Organizational Structure of NUTECH Institute of Vocational And Technical Skills


The main roles of NIVATS will be to:

  • Assist NSDD in the conduct of training and capacity building programs for management and academic staff of the NUTECH affiliated institutions.
  • Assist NSDD in establishing liaison with the industry and relevant TVET service providers in the public and private sectors through NORIIC.
  • Assist NSDD in the development of competency based assessment tests, tools, exercises and instruments and in the selection and preparation of the competency based assessment centres both for regular and RPL assessments.
  • Assist NSDD in the training of assessors and conduct of mock assessments.
  • Serve as a model institute for the conduct of CBT&A and allied NSDF activities in the NUTECH affiliated institutes.
  • Develop and offer short courses to cover the skill gaps identified during CBT and RPL assessments for formal, non-formal and informal pathways students.
  • Assist NSDD in the conduct of accreditation, monitoring and evaluation activities in NUTECH affiliated institutes.