PI & E

The Director, Policy provides professional and organisational leadership in the development, implementation and evaluation of strategic policy frameworks and responses which enable the achievement of the Organisation’s planned outcomes, and alignment with broader government objectives. The Director provides expert strategic advice to Organisation Head and Senior Executives regarding current, evolving or emerging policy issues to facilitate executive decision-making.

Key accountabilities

  • Provide strategic evidence-based advice and support to the Organisation Head and Senior Executives to shape the Organisation's forward program for legislative review, policy development and implementation
  • Direct policy development activities within the organisation to effectively deliver the agreed policy program
  • Participate in and contribute to strategic planning processes, aligning policy review and development priorities and resources to support organisational objectives and outcomes
  • Establish and sustain effective working relationships with senior Directors and key stakeholders across the Cluster and the public sector more generally to optimise engagement, consultation, negotiation and facilitation of policy alignment, implementation and response
  • Identify, evaluate and critically analyse highly complex and sensitive issues and concerns affecting policy outcomes to deliver evidence-based decision making and develop logical, practical and well balanced policy resolutions