About Administration Office


Provide quality services and implement policies related to administration, security, transport and housing facilities to all the stakeholders enabling them to work for the achievement of the vision and mission set forth by NUTECH for the achievement of the vision and mission set forth by NUTECH.


National University of Technology (NUTECH), administration Office is one of the central support service departments. The Administration provides support for the academic as well as administrative components of the University with a range of services to include health of safety, security, janitorial, transport, Hygiene & sanitation, boarding lodging. This office is managed by the Director Administration under Pro Rector. We aim to provide a committed and professional service which will be recognized as exemplary by its users, behaving in an approachable and courteous way, being well-informed in the present and aware of developments to come, seeking always to address the heart of the matter with integrity and honesty, and giving accurate information and consistent, fair advice. We aim to foster a spirit of team working, valuing open communication and all constructive contributions, and respecting all participants as individuals aiming to provide an ideal administrative environment.  Our office, through a uniform application of policies operations the core
student-related administrative system, to contribute in smooth functioning of the University. Whether in examination arrangements or admissions, or any excursion, visits, seminar, symposiums, under travel visits   other assigned functions, we try to take account of every possible needs, while seeing these in the context of a NUTECH aiming to achieve and maintain a respectable standard.