HR Policy Parameters

Under mentioned policy parameters have been postulated to lay down a strong foundation for NUTECH:

  • Attract and retain the best professionally sound faculty and staff.
  • Ensure retention of the astute work force at the NUTECH campus.
  • Improve the profile and performance of University by recruiting and developing employees and staff.
  • Promote flexibility and innovation by developing organizational capability.
  • Invest heavily in the leadership development at all times.
  • Promote the culture of respect and dignity within the campus.
  • Promote safe and healthy environment.
  • Develop efficient, effective ad sustainable employment environment.
  • Promote culture of on campus well being of all stake holders.
  • Develop user friendly HR system, while ensuring confidentiality of employees’ data.
  • Define and resource the life cycle at the NUTECH i.e Recruitment, Development and exit.