Selection Procedure

Step 1: Identifying hiring needs

As the initial step of the hiring process, human resource office in consultation with other concerned departments identify the long-term and short-term requirement of Academic/ Administrative staff.

Step 2: Pre Hiring intake meeting

The purpose of an intake meeting is to have a clear understanding of all the needs and expectations of the new recruit, including the technicalities revolving around the role. This meeting takes place prior to posting a job opening and its purpose is mainly to define all important details about the future position.

Step 3: Advertisement

Vacant positions are advertised in nationwide newspapers with all necessary information that enables the reader to clearly understand the application procedure.

Step 4: Application screening at HR

After the closing date of advertisement, detailed scrutiny of received CVs and applications is carried out. The basic screening at HR includes ensuring applicants basic educational requirement, Age, relevant experience and any other advertised requirement.

Step 5: Departmental shortlisting committee

Applications meeting advertised criteria then forward to departmental shortlisting committee for further evaluation of the application. Applications are returned to HR Office after detailed scrutiny.

Step 6: Technical review board

After scrutiny by departmental shortlisting committee the shortlisted candidates are invited for interview of technical review board. The Board will narrow down the list. The remaining candidates are then ranked by the board members and the top three will be selected for final selection board.

Step 7: Selection board

The candidates successfully completed the technical review board interview will be invited for final selection board. The main purpose of the interview is to assess the skills, experience and competence of a candidate in order to determine his/her suitability for the position that was advertised.

Step 8: Background check & Reference checks

Background and reference checks refer to a recruiting process method used by HR office to get more information about a candidate by contacting his/her previous employers, collage etc.

Step 9: Job offer

A formal job offer letter is issued to the selected candidates along with Medical form, Police verification form, Covid vaccination form, Bio data form to be submitted back to HR Office. 

step 10: Direction letter

The fresh employee hired on a position is directed towards his appropriate department after completion of all necessary formalities