ICT Evolution

Idea of NUTECH was conceived to disrupt the conventional higher education system in Pakistan. Local industry grumbled about the poor quality of education in the realm of hi-tech technical and professional skills and technologies in Pakistan. Intellectual circles of the country also seemed convinced that all paths to a prosperous economy originate from knowledge, science and technology and hence there was an ever-bourgeoning desire to create a model university that would educate Pakistan’s youth as future leaders of industry through higher education and in the process stitch together a coherent technology framework for the country.

While architecting a model university with a gigantic stipulation, characteristics such as modernization, innovativeness and efficiency were blended into its foundation and ICT was identified as the key enabling technology of these characteristics. Unlike conventional universities where ICT is implemented as a top layer over the existing manual systems, NUTECH management included ICT in the planning and development of the university processes. A dedicated ICT office was created and provided with essential resources to pursue the development of ICT services at the campus.