Software and Application Services

Software services include software development, software support within NUTECH, Software maintenance, Website updation/upgradation and database administration. IT specialists provide technical and functional support within NUTECH and train non-technical workers on the business’s information systems. Software and Application core services includes:

  • To create a workforce and start In-house software development which would initially target the development of NUTECH Information Management System (NIMS) for CMS, LMS and ERP. We will also take up ad-hoc software development based on client needs.
  • To provide the software consultancy services to clients in order to enhance their business processes and help to serve their customers in a better and more effective way.
  • To consistently meet client and explore the possibility of further business opportunities and discover areas where our services can be made available to them.
  • To acquire and use the training from the partners and implement it in our product and client environment.
  • To handle product support and training a client site and in house to the staff involved.
  • To work hand in hand with marketing and target new market for the implementation and other services.