Clubs and Societies

NUTECH Clubs and Societies strive to instill a sense of teamwork and sportsmanship in
students through a variety of activities all centered around building up students’ humanistic, artistic
and adventurous attributes. Our clubs and societies provide multiple socio-academic opportunities to
the students helping them shape their personalities and build their confidence. In its aim to holistically
groom students in all endeavors of life, NUTECH has established NUTECH Literary & Debating
Society, NUTECH Fine Arts & Creativity Club, NUTECH Adventure Club, NUTECH Media & Publicity
Society, Green Youth Movement Club (GYM) and Nutech Volunteers in Service Club.

NUTECH Adventure Club

The NUTECH Adventure Club is established to promote healthy adventure activities. Such physical endurance activities are essential to give students a venue to channelize their energies in the right and positive direction. It also gives them a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

NUTECH Media & Publicity Society

NUTECH Media & Publicity Society gives students an opportunity to step out of the academic sphere and join the rush of the real world. Students who are creative and keen learners are welcome to join and become a member of this flourishing society. It is a platform for hosting various events like photography contests, interactive discourses and festivals.

NUTECH Fine Arts & Creativity Club

This club provides a platform for students to exhibit their individual personalities and celebrate what makes them stand out in crowds through different forms of Art. It not only brings out individuality, desires and how one sees the world but also builds self-esteem, increases motivation and improves holistic health of students.

NUTECH Literary Society

NUTECH Literary & Debating Society is keen to play its part in training students by providing them with ample opportunities to polish their innate abilities, especially communication and writing skills. The society hosts a range of literary events to promote an appreciation of literature, creative writing and involvement in engaging discussions, as activities which have valuable effects on the society. It also organizes inter and intra-departmental competitions to inculcate public speaking skills, boost confidence and develop critical thinking amongst students.


For the purposeful involvement of youth, “Green Youth Movement Club” has been established at NUTECH. This club will sensitize and organize youth (Students) for the promotion of environmental conservation and eco-friendly behavior among the masses. Through this Club, youth is intended to be involved in innovative / research work, whereby they innovate useful gadgets that would help to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.

NUTECH Community Service Club

NUTECH Community Service Club is dedicated to instill a sense of community service and bring joy to those in need. Students in this club are encouraged to develop a feeling of purpose by not only originating but also volunteering for activities that benefit a significant segment of the community.

Co-Curricular/Extra Curricular Activities

On and off campus recreational, social and sports activities for students are organized to foster comradeship and endurance. Round the year extracurricular activities are planned which includes recreational trips, hiking, camping and sports events.