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The field of Technical Education and Vocational training (TVET) is an eco-system which encompasses involvement of Academia, Government and Industry which is generally referred as triple Hilux system.  Originally, TVET goal was to prepare workforce for direct work environment.  However, with the rapid enhancement of technology and emergence of new domains of skills and knowledge areas, the current focus is upon preparing knowledge workers to meet the challenges of 4th industrial revolution.  Pakistan being a UN member state follows UNESCO-UNIVOC policy directives and guidelines on TVET through national regulator i.e National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC).

Well planned, concise and precise policies and procedures bring uniformity to conduct day to day work and therefore reduce the risk of an unwanted event. 

Directorate of Policy Implementation and Evaluation (PI&E) established under NUTECH Skills Development Department (NSDD) is an office for issuance of policies and procedures related to TVET and monitor their implementation and evaluation at NUTECH constituent and affiliated institutes.   PI&E Directorate prepares policies and procedures related to TVET to serve as a guidelines for TVET providers, implementers and students to act in a way more efficiently to achieve NUTECH vision / mission and objectives. PI&E Dte prepares policies related to TVET which are in line with the National Skills Strategy (NSS), National Vocational Qualification Framework (NVQF) and NUTECH Skills Development Framework (NSDF).

Key Responsibilities / Functions of PI&E Dte

  • Provide guidelines to the top leadership in the development, implementation and evaluation of strategic policy frameworks related to TVET in constituent / affiliated institutes which enable the achievement of the NUTECH planned outcomes, and alignment with broader government objectives.
  • Provide strategic evidence-based advice, suggestions and support to national TVET regulator and senior government executives related to TVET to shape the national program for legislative review, policy development and implementation.
  • Direct policy development activities within the organization and in affiliated institutes to effectively deliver the agreed policy program.
  • Participate in and contribute to strategic planning processes, aligning policy review and development priorities and resources to support organizational objectives and outcomes.
  • Ensure Quality Assurance at constituent and affiliated institutes for training improvement
  • Establish and sustain effective working relationships with senior Directors and key stakeholders within public and private sector dealing with TVET to optimize engagement, consultation, negotiation and facilitation of policy alignment, implementation and response.
  • Development implementation process coupled with formulation of policy framework for implementation of Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A) system at constituent and affiliated institutes. 
  • Identification of areas and arrangements for capacity building of master trainers, assessors and demonstrators at NUTECH constituent and affiliated institutes;
  • Conducting Training Need Analysis (TNA) for faculty, staff and students to identify their training need for undertaking new areas of knowledge in TVET sector.
  • Liaise with NUTECH ICT Dte for development of automated student registration, assessment and management software and liaise with Principals of constituent and affiliated institutes for loading of student data in software.
  • Develop framework in coordination with national regulators and in line with national policies to coordinate with international best TVET providers for joint collaborations, certification and cooperation in TVET sector.

Organization Chart of PI&E Dte

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