NUTECH Institute of Vocational and Technical Skills (NIVATS) is a constitute Institute of the university, which provides skills education on both the hi-tech and conventional skills.  NIVATS is headed by a Director. The curricula and academic systems of NIVATS are based on the best international practices of world’s leading TVET institutes. The mode of training delivery system is based on Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A) methodology. Learning systems are designed to promote technology / skills based knowledge eco-system to inspire the youth as skilled workforce and promising entrepreneurs of future.

NIVATS Skill development model will facilitate and develop highly skilled professionals as per industry demands.  NIVATS professional and technical skills development models focuses on transforming knowledge into skills through learning by doing coupled with extensive on the job training sessions. Backed with extensive practical training in real work environment, the knowledge is transformed into skills for producing a highly trained industry professional.  NIVATS has two schools under it headed by their respective Principals.
Vocational Skills School (VSS) looking after short duration vocational courses
Technical Skills School looking after 3 year Diploma Programs.


To become Centre of Excellence for Technical Education and Professional Skills for  demand  driven  industry  and  social  needs  for  socio-economic  development  of  the  country

NIVATS Mission

To empower, strengthen, motivate and train the youth with innovation by providing knowledge-based education services with focus on technical and vocational skills to produce  highly competent skilled workforce for national and international market through quality  education having strong linkages with the community and industry