Yunnan Jiaotong College, China

A five-member delegation from Yunnan Jiaotong College, Kunming, China visited NUTECH on 9th December 2019. Delegation participated in detailed briefings and discussions to endorse the areas of mutual cooperation/collaboration related to high-end technology skills. They also discussed Plan-of-Action for future collaboration including prioritization of initiatives and actions such as faculty/students training, curriculum exchange and conduction of Yunnan Workshops. They also agreed to invite NUTECH in upcoming Yunnan Workshop held on the projects related to artificial intelligence and 5 G technologies. Modalities for signing a joint MoU between NUTECH and Yunnan Communications Vocational and Technical College for developing future high-end technologies programs and the partners agreed to sign the MoU in the next visit by Chinese delegation after finalizing the contents of the proposed MOU. After the briefing and discussions, the delegates visited classes, labs and library. At the end, Pro-Rector presented souvenirs to the delegates and thanked the honorable guests with the hope to make this partnership more meaningful in the coming days.