Engr. Dr. Maryam Jalal

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Profile Summary
Engr. Dr. Maryam received her PhD degree in Electrical & Information Engineering from L’Aquila, Italy in 2015. She was Awarded with Gold Medal for the best M.Sc. Thesis. During the period 2011- 2015, She has been a Marie-Curie Early Stage Researcher with the Center of Excellence for Research DEWS, University of L’Aquila, and with Wireless Embedded Systems Technologies Aquila s.r.l., Italy. She served Electrical & Computer Engineering Department at École de technologie supérieure ÉTS, Montreal Canada as Post Doc fellow. She is a recipient of several project, research and travel grant awards nationaly & internationaly. She holds over 15 years of industry, academics, research & teaching experience at national & international level.


Sr. NoDegreeUniversityYear
1Post DocElectrical & Computer Engineering Department at École de technologie supérieure ÉTS, Montreal Canada2017
2P.hDElectrical & Computer Engineering Department, University of L'Aquila, Italy2015
3M.ScLahore College for Women University, Lahore2008

Teaching/Administrative Experience

Sr. NoDesignationUniversityYear
1ResearcherMissouri University of Science & Technology, Missouri, USA20212022
2Head of DepartmentFatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpinid20182021
3Assistant ProffesorLahore College for women University, Lahore20112018
4Applied industrial ResearcherWEST Aquila s.r.l (SME Pvt ltd), L’Aquila, Italy 20112015
5Early Stage Reseacher ActiCom Mobile Networks (GmbH), Berlin, Germany20142015
6LecturerLahore College for Women University, Lahore20082011
7Lab EngineerLahore College for Women University, Lahore20072008

Professional Memberships

Sr. NoSMembership Body
1Program Evaluator (Acccredaition) Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)
2Senio MemberIEEE, USA
3Senior MemberIET, UK
4Member IAENG, UK

Honors and Awards

Sr. NoAwardYear
Gold medal for best thesis
1. Recipient of Marie Curie Fellowship, funded by the European Commission, for Ph. D studies.
2Invited Speaker, Industrial Dissemination Event (Collocated with IEEE CAMAD 2013, Berlin) on the topic, “Energy-Efficient Physical Layer Techniques.
Funding for attending and presenting research work at CEAT'13 Langkawi,
· Malaysia, from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Nov 2013
Grant for attending and presenting research work at CollaborateCom'14 Miami, Florida, from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Oct 2014.
Georgia, from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Oct 2014
Convener PEC Women Engineers Committee(RWP/ISB/AJK) (2021)
· Grant for attending and presenting research work at GLOBALSIP'14 Atlanta,
Grant for attending and presenting research work at ICWU'11 Las Vegas, USA from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, July 2011.

Research Areas/Interests

Sr. NoAreaDescription
2Electrical & computer EngineeringSignal Processing, Analysis, design, Implementation and optimization of energy efficient wireless communication systems and networks. cooperative communications, cognitive networks, network coding,Stochastic Geometry Research, Smart Grid, Energy Distribution, Energy Generation

Journal Publications

Sr. NoJournal NamePublication Title with I.FYear
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IEEE Transactions on Signal and Information Processing over
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Conference Publications

Sr. NoConference NamePublication TitleYear
IEEE ICITMElectric Vehicle Charging and Discharging” has been accepted for oral presentation
and publication in IEEE 9th International Conference on Industrial Technology and Management (ICITM
2020) to be held from 11/02/2020 to 13/02/2020 at University of Oxford, Oxford UK.
IEEE IACETI “Green Joint Network-Channel Coded Wireless Architecture Using Compressive Sensing Techniques” in the “International Academic Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovations (IACETI)” held from 16-Jul-2018 to 16-17.07.2018 in Chile.2018
1IEEE CSCI On the Achievable Diversity-Complexity Tradeoffs of Joint Network-Channel Coded
Cooperative Communication” Published in International Conference on
Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI 2015) Las Vegas,
Nevada, USA
2IEEE GLOBALSIP 2014Energy Efficient and Low Complex Wireless Communication" (Invited paper) , in
Proc. of the 2nd IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing
(GlobalSIP 2014), pp. 48-252, Atlanta, Dec. 2014.
3IEEE Collaboratecom"A
Novel and Collaborative Network Channel Coded Mobile Communication
Architecture," in Proc. of the 10th IEEE International Conference on Collaborative
Computing: Networking, Applications and Work sharing (CollaborateCom 2014),
Miami, Oct. 2014
5IEEE CAMAD 2012Joint
Channel Network Decoding for the Two-Source Two-Relay Network ," in Proc. of
the 2012 IEEE 17th International Workshop on Computer Aided Modeling and
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7IEEE WCNC 2014"Multi-User Spatial Modulation MIMO," in
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11IEEE INMIC 2008Power Optimized Secure Bluetooth
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(INMIC 2008), Karachi, Pakistan, pp.182-188.

Invited talks

Sr. NoConference/Workshop NameDescriptionYear
1University of Edinburgh Pak UK Education Gateway Grant winner2020


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