Semester I
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
CEN-XXXXCore Course-I3 (3-0)
CEN-XXXXCore Course-II3 (3-0)
RM-XXXXResearch Methodology (1 contact hour -noncredit)-
CEN-XXXXElective-I3 (3-0)
Total 9
Semester II
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
CEN-XXXXCore Course-III3 (3-0)
CEN-XXXXElective-II3 (3-0)
CEN-XXXXElective-III3 (3-0)
CEN-XXXXElective-IV3 (3-0)
Semester III
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
CEN-XXXXElective-V3 (3-0)
Grand Total30
List of Core Courses
S. No.Course TitleCredits
1Advanced Computer Architecture3
2Advanced Digital Systems Design3
3Advanced Digital Signal Processing3
4Advanced Computer Networks3
5Information Theory and Coding3
6Advanced Operating Systems3
7Advanced Algorithms Analysis & Design3
8Stochastic Processes3
9Advanced Database Management Systems3
10Advanced Software Engineering3
List of Elective Courses
S. No.Course TitleCredits
1Artificial Intelligence3
2Machine Learning3
3Deep Learning3
4Data Science 3
5Data Mining3
6Big Data Analytics3
7Modeling and Simulation 3
8Web Technologies3
9Human Computer Interface3
10Advance digital image processing3
11Computer Vision3
13Advanced Control Systems3
14Intelligent Control Systems3
15Industrial Automation and Control3
16Virtual reality3
17Game Design and Development3
18Cyber Physical Systems3
19Fault Diagnosis 3
20Internet of Things3
21Distributed System3
22Parallel Processing3
23Wireless Sensor Networks3
24Wireless and Digital Communications3
25Cloud Computing3
26Advanced Computer Networks3
27ASIC and FPGA Design3
28Advanced Embedded Systems Design3
29VLSI Principles and Applications3
30System on Chip Design3
31Advanced Microprocessor Systems3
33Case Studies and Projects3
34Special topics in Computer Engineering like:3
Autonomous Vehicles
Wearables and Physical Computing
Swarms and Multi robot Seminar
Internet of things seminar
Wireless and Mobile Health
Introduction to Smart Grid Systems
Industry 4.0