NUTECH Summer Camp

STEAM Xplorer Camp

NUTECH Computer Engineering department organizes an annual summer camp each August at the NUCRAIT Lab, spanning one month. This engaging program is designed for school and college-going students, offering a unique opportunity to delve into the exciting realms of Game Development, AI Programming, and Robotics. During the camp, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of these cutting-edge fields, fostering a passion for technology and innovation.

Summer School Details

Month: August

Duration: 1 month

Timings: 0900-12:30

Venue: NUCRAITS (Computer Engineering dept.)

Modules: Game Development, AI Programming, Robotics,

Equipment & Tools:
Zumi Cars, Codrons, Mindstorm Lego Robotics, TinkerCad, Scratch/Python

Summer School Main Activities

  • Introduction to programming and Game Development
  • Design and develop a game
  • AI Zumi car programming and navigation
  • Assemble and program a drone § Assemble and program a Line Following Robot

Summer School Preparation

Contact Information:
Lec. Faria Tasneem Sheikh
[email protected]