Department of Computer Engineering has four research groups i.e.

  1. Systems and Data Science
  2. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Vision
  3. Communication, Networks and IoT
  4. Embedded Systems Design

Systems and Data Science

Systems and Data Science Research Group (SDSRG) aims to promote and undertake fundamental and applied research related to machine learning, techniques of data science, Distributed Systems, Big Data Analytics, Parallel computing, Data inference and applied machine learning

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Vision

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Vision Research Group (AIRVRG) aims to incorporate intelligence in all its components by providing excellence in basic research. The focus of this research group is in the following areas: Human-Robot Interaction, Robot manipulation and interaction, Stochastic Systems: Estimation and Control, Image and Video Processing, and Computer Vision.

Communication, Networks and IOT

Communication, Networks and IoT Research Group (CNIRG) aims to conduct research in the following areas: Information security, Wireless Communications, Wireless Sensor Networks, Cloud Computing, Computer Networks, Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity & privacy..

Embedded Systems Design

Embedded Systems Design Research Group (ESDR) aims to specialize in real-time capabilities, communication protocols, security, and energy-optimization of embedded systems. The focus research areas are Real-Time Embedded Systems, Digital Integrated Circuit Design, VLSI Principles and Applications, System on Chip Design, Micro-electromechanical Systems and Embedded System Software Engineering.