Concentration Streams

Requirement can be satisfied by choosing one of following 4 concentration streams.

CR1- Systems and Data Science

This stream will provide students with an opportunity to explore the scientific methods, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights related to data processing, data analysis, and visualization.

This stream includes following subjects.

  1. CEN4103 Big Data Fundamentals
  2. CEN4104 Computational Thinking and Data Science and its associated Lab
  3. CEN 4106 Machine Learning and its associated Lab

Available Faculty Members:

  • Dr. Kamran Javed
  • Dr. Sajid Bashir
  • Engr. Bilal Amjad
  • Engr. Hajra Qadir

CR2- Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Vision

This stream will focus on a hands-on experience related to logical reasoning, robotics, machine vision, machine learning, probabilistic modeling and inference, natural language processing and cognition.

Following subjects are included in this stream .  

  1. CEN4203 Artificial Intelligence,
  2. CEN4204 Computer Engineering via Robotics and its associated Lab,
  3. CEN4206 Digital Image Processing and its associated Lab.

Available Faculty Members:

  • Dr. Kamran Javed
  • Engr. Muhammad Adeel Ejaz
  • Engr. Faria Tasneem

CR3-Communication, Networks, and IoT

This stream explores modern communication networks and their relevant applications such as Body Area Networks (BAN), Device-to-Device (D2D) communication, Personal area networks (PAN), Regional area Networks (RAN), smart home, smart buildings, smart cities, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) networks and satellite networks.

This steam consists of following subjects.

  1. CEN4303 Fundamentals of Wireless Communication
  2. CEN4304 Computer Networking, its associated Lab
  3. CEN4306 Internet of Things, and its associated Lab.

Available Faculty Members:

  • Dr. Sajid Bashir
  • Dr. Qasim Mehmood Ch
  • Engr. Bilal Amjad

CR4- Embedded Systems Design

This stream targets the design of efficient and reliable embedded systems including algorithms, performance, hardware, methods of design and documentation as well as insights into the variability and maintainability of dependable protocols.

This stream contains following courses.

  1. CEN4403 Embedded System Fundamentals
  2. CEN4404 Interconnected Embedded Systems and its associated Lab
  3. CEN4406 Digital Systems Design and its associated Lab.

Available Faculty Members:

  • Dr. Muhammad Ejaz Khan
  • Dr. Raees Ahmed Siddiqui
  • Engr. Faria Tasneem
  • Engr. Obaid Ur Rehman
  • Engr. Bilal Amjad