Degree Structure

Degree Overview

Department of Computer Engineering is offering Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Degree. The program spans over 8 semesters. Our PEC approved undergraduate degree consists of :
1) General University Requirements (GUR)
2) Departmental Major Requirements (DMR)

General University Requirements (GURs)

Science Requirements (SR): 6 Subjects

  1. MATH1101 Calculus I
  2. MATH1102  Calculus II
  3. PHY1101 Physics I
  4. PHY1201Physics II
  5. CHE1001 Chemistry
  6. BIO1002 Biology

Core Science Requirement

Restricted Electives in Engineering and Science (RESE):

Requirement can be met by :
MATH3301 Linear Algebra and ODEs
CEN 4201 System and Controls and  its associated Lab

Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies, Management, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (PIMHASS) Requirement :

Minimum one subject must be selected from designated categories:

  • PS1001 Pakistan Studies
  • IS1001 Islamic Studies
  • MGT1001 Entrepreneurship
  • SS2001 Ethics for Engineers
  • HU1001 Language and Communication Skills
  • SSC1101 Becoming Human OR MAST1001 Computational Media Design OR SSC1102Modern Conception of Freedom

Lab Requirement – 1 Subject

Requirement can be met by :
CEN 2012 Digital Systems Laboratory  and  its associated Lab OR CEN 4401 Microcomputer Project Laboratory and  its associated Lab

Physical Education Requirement : 4 points

Communication Requirement (CR): 4 subjects

Communication intensive subjects (2 in PIMHASS and 2 in Major). Requirement can be met by HU1001 Language and Communication Skills, HU1005 Technical Communication for Engineers, CEN 2012 Digital Systems Laboratory  and CEN 4401 Microcomputer Project Laboratory

Industrial Requirement (IR):

Requirement can be satisfied by attending and passing following: 8 credits internship during summer and 6 credits of creative/industry focused projects during Industrial and Creative Activity Term   (ICAT)/ summer. In addition, students will be required to complete 6 credits of Industrial Learning Experience (ILE) as discussed in departmental major requirements below.

Departmental Major Requirements (DMR)

This is composed of five components:

a. General Departmental Requirements (GDR):

These are foundation and breadth courses that give students a broad understanding of the field of study.

  1. Restricted Electives in Engineering and Science (RESE):
    Requirement can be satisfied by passing:
    MATH3301 Linear Algebra and ODEs
    CEN4201 System and Controls and its Associated Lab
  2. Computer Engineering Foundation and Breadth Subjects:

b. Concentration Stream Requirements (CSR):

These courses allow students to pick a certain area of study and take a number of courses to increase their depth in an area of interest within their major.

c. Restricted Engineering Electives (REE):

These elective courses give students added breadth, while giving them control over how to spread their knowledge over the chosen major. 

d. Senior Year Design Project i.e. Capstone Project (FYP):

This capstone project is the culmination of the engineering understanding that the student has built up over the last three years, as well as during parallel coursework during the fourth year. This project enables the student to translate this knowledge into a practical outcome.

e. Industrial Learning Experience (ILE):

This program is designed to show students how their knowledge is applied in real industry, to reflect on this aspect of their learning, and to then give seminars to demonstrate their understanding.