Fundamental Design

The strategy for program conceptualization NURETSS will comprise NUTECH School of Engineering and Technology (NUSET), Advanced Railway Technologies Innovation Centre (ARTIC) and NUTECH Institute of Vocational & Technical Skills (NIVATS). NUTECH requires technical assistance of railway based Chinese experts from academia, research centres, TVET institutions & industry for NURETSS.

NUTECH School of Engineering and Technology (NUSET)

NUSET will be established to create different departments, railways technologies education and research support labs. The planned departments will initiate different sciences, engineering and technology programs at the undergraduate, MS and PhD levels in future. NUSET will have departments in fields of Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial and Materials Engineering, Computing and Faculty of Applied Sciences.

Advanced Railways Technologies Innovation Centre (ARTIC) 

Railway technology research Labs like High-Speed Rail Technology Research Lab (HSRRL), Logistics Technology Research Lab (LRL), Modelling and Simulation Research Lab (MSRL), Automation and Robotics Technology Research Lab (ARRL) and Construction Technology Research Lab (CRL) will be established under the umbrella of ARTIC. Moreover, facilities like Railway Artificial Intelligence (AI), Railway Internet-of-Train (IoT), Railway Cloud Computing, Railway Autonomous Systems, Railway Embedded Systems and Railway Additive Manufacturing would also be setup at ARTIC.

NUTECH Institute of Vocational and Technical Skills (NIVATS)  

NIVATS would be established under NURETSS to provide hi-tech and digital skills (disruptive skills) to PR HR.  NIVATS would also offer a few emerging skills for PR HR capacity building like tourism and hospitality management.  NIVATS would offer following types of hi tech skills for PR:

  • Short courses (1-6 months) with more focus on Hi-tech and Digital skills like Internet of Thing (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning / Robotics, Big data, Block Chain, Computer graphics print media, Computer Graphics – motion, UI/UX development, Cloud Computing, Hospitality Management (Railways Focused), Tourism & Tour operators (Focused on railways tourism), 3D modelling, VR / AR in simulator design, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing, Inventory Management, Financial management focus on railways accounting procedures, Project Management, Stress Management at work place, Image rendering in simulator / scenario generation in simulators, Critical thinking, Complex Problem solving, Emotional intelligence and its impact at workplace, Rail Engg new Telecoms techniques and New trends in Railway (introduction to hyper loop trains of future). 
  • Emerging conventional skills courses relevant to Railways (like Hospitality & tourism management courses).
  • 3 x years DAE courses for enhancement of professional competence of technicians to become supervisors. This includes Civil Technology (specialization in railways infrastructure development), Mechanical Technology (specialization in locomotive, rolling stock and power sys), Electrical Technology (specialization in railways electrical and HVAC system), Railways Signalling and Telecommunication Systems, Hospitality and Tourism Management and Information Technology.