Faculty & Curriculum Support

NUTECH Curriculum Design

Following are the salient aspects:-

Innovative Learning Cycle

The design covers theoretical foundation through class lectures, tutorials and proof of concepts at University technology labs work followed by real world applications of concepts in industrial work. Students own time study, assignments and students’ group seminars focused on study of best industrial practices in the application of concepts. Learning cycle concludes on technical report writing and presentations by students.

NUTECH Research System

NUTECH experiential learning system is designed for inculcating research and innovation and includes Industrial and Creative Activity Term (ICAT), NUTECH Learning Communities Program (NLCP), NUTECH Career Acceleration Program (NCAP), NUTECH Engineering Leadership Program (NELP), Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP) Industrial Learning Experience Program (ILEP) and summer session based industry based programs (IPP). It has departmental technology research groups for applied industrial research based projects and inter-departmental composite technology research groups for multi-disciplinary technology based research projects involving technology experts from industry.

Students Competence Index (SCI)

Students’ competence is gauged beyond academics and encompasses Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA), industry projects, research score, technology for society projects score, score for learning at least four sports/ athletes and creative societies participation score. Sports is mandatory for students and each student has to learn minimum four sports/ athletes in four years program of study.

NUTECH Technology Laboratories

The objectives are to design & develop technology driven experimentation, instrumentation & gadgetry, establish strong applied research based links with scientific labs, research centers, institutes & professional corporate relations with industry, manage research & knowledge exchange with technology organizations, scientific labs and R&D setups through active collaborations, labs development as knowledge hubs/ technology incubation centers and develop innovative & creative minds through research experiments & industry based technology development projects.

NUTECH Learning Outside Class Programs 

At the undergraduate level the Multi-Disciplinary Communities Program in Freshmen year for knowledge exploration and creativity, NUTECH Career Acceleration Program (NCAP) in Sophomore year for inculcating professional development, NUTECH Engineering Leadership Program (NELP) in Junior year for promoting leadership traits, Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP) in Junior & Senior years for industrial focused research, Technology Public Service Program for developing civil responsibility and NUTECH Teaching Learning System for faculty to promote latest trends in teaching.

Future Academic Programs 

NUTECH plans to offer academic and research programs in Bio Engineering, Bio-Medical Engineering, Nano Science & Engineering, Earth Sciences & Mining, Mechatronics & Robotics, Automation, Instrumentation & Process Control, Renewable Energy Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Aeronautical Engineering, Railways Engineering, Media Technologies, Textile Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Architecture and Town Planning.

Priority Industrial Sectors for Research

Construction & Allied Industry, Automotive Industry covering Aviation, Automobiles and Railways, Textile & Garments Industry, Electronics, Communication & Information Technology Industry, Energy, pharmaceutical Biomedical Technology Industry, leather and garments, plastics, polymers and chemicals industry.