Roles & Responsibilities

The office of the Registrar is responsible:

  • For the publication of the subjects listing and schedule and shall register the students for the subjects from the listing and as per class scheduling. The office is responsible to schedule the semester term exams, degrees and certificates
  • To plan the 4-year Bachelor degree program into freshman, sophomore, junior and senior academic years having in total eight semester terms. However, in each year there is 4-week ICAP term after the Fall semester. Similarly, there is 8-week Summer Session term after every spring semester. Each semester consists of seventeen weeks including one week of exams. The Fall semester is the first and spring semester, the second semester of an academic year
  • For effective tracking, Registrar Office assigns proper numeric/alpha-numeric codes to each course of study and every subject in each of them. The subject description consists of four parts namely, subject name (title and subject number), subject information (pre-requisites, co-requisites, make-up courses, etc.), subject content and instructor
  • To manage the classrooms and plan their maintenance and renovation. However, the Schedules Office works closely with the faculty subject advisors, department heads, concerned Dean’s staff and registered departmental committees to allocate classroom space in the Registrar’s inventory for academic instruction and exercises, meetings, and special events
  • To schedule the classes and reflect it in a sequence as: subject number, section, location, days, meeting times
  • To require all the students of the university to register themselves for each semester term and to advise them for proper registration as aforesaid as per the deadlines relating to the pre-registration, registration day, commencement of term, Drop-date, Add-date, Half-term, Full-term, Physical education etc.
  • To issue degrees after notification by the Controller of Examinations of the university. However, all the requirements including academic, research (where applicable), administrative, financial, etc., are fulfilled through the concerned departments, labs, directorates, schools, etc., prior to the official notification and subsequent issue of degrees
  • To process all matters related to the successful planning, organization, and conduct of Undergraduate (UG) and Post Graduate (PG) Convocations including ordinary convocation held for conferring the degree of a particular year or years, as well as special convocation for Honorary degree, in the prescribed manners, on eminent person or persons
  • To operate the office through its website for information and communication facilitation to the students, faculty, advisors, academics support staff including cataloging and scheduling