Semester 1

Course Subject Credit Hour
01Core Course - I3(3-0)
02Core Course - II3(3-0)
03Elective Course - I3(3-0)
04Research Methodology1(1-0)
Total Credit Hours10

Semester 2

Course Subject Credit Hour
01Core Course – III3(3-0)
02Core Course – IV3(3-0)
03Elective Course – II3(3-0)
04Elective Course - III3(3-0)
05Research Thesis-I/ Elective Course-IV3(0-3)/3(3-0)
Total credit hour15

Semester 3

Course Subject Credit Hour
01Elective Course-V3(3-0)
02Research Thesis-II/ Elective Course-VI3(0-3)/3(3-0)
Total credit hour06

Core Courses

  • CE-6001 Advanced Soil Mechanics
  • CE-6003 Transportation Planning and Engineering
  • CE-6005 Hydraulic Structures
  • CE-6007 Advanced Concrete Technology

Compulsory Courses

RM-6000 Research Methodology

Elective Courses

Elective courses each of 03 credit hours (3-0) will be offered in four specialties:

Structural Engineering

  • CE-7101 Advanced Structural Analysis
  • CE-7103 Advanced Reinforced Concrete
  • CE-7105 Properties of Structural Materials
  • CE-7107 Prestressed Concrete
  • CE-7109 Bridge Engineering
  • CE-7111 Structural Dynamics
  • CE-7113 Advanced Steel Structures
  • CE-7115 Finite Element Method
  • CE-7117 Advanced Solid Mechanics

Geotechnical Engineering

  • CE-7201 Foundation Engineering
  • CE-7203 Deep Foundations
  • CE-7205 Geotechnical Investigations
  • CE-7207 Soil Improvement Techniques
  • CE-7209 Rock Mechanics
  • CE-7211 Earth retaining structures
  • CE-7213 Soil Dynamics

Transportation Engineering

  • CE-7301 Pavement Analysis and Design
  • CE-7303 Traffic Engineering and Management
  • CE-7305 Railway Engineering
  • CE-7307 Geometric Design and Highway Safety

Hydraulics and Irrigation Engineering

  • CE-7401 Hydropower Engineering
  • CE-7403 Irrigation Engineering and Practices
  • CE-7405 Groundwater Engineering
  • CE-7407 Application of RS and GIS
  • CE-7409 Advance Open Channel Hydraulics
  • CE-7411 Soil Erosion and Watershed Management
  • CE-7413 Applied Hydrology