• To reinforce and augment the knowledge of having an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering to meet challenges, demands and expectations of global society.
  • To enhance the associated analytical and problem-solving skills of graduates in a range of key sub-disciplines of Civil Engineering along with the entrepreneurial skills.
  • To develop the ability to apply this knowledge in applied research and engineering design as an effective professional engineer

Learning Outcomes

The graduates will be able to

  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of a particular subject area and broad inter disciplinary knowledge of other areas in civil engineering.
  • Plan and conduct applied research that addresses specific questions of significance in a particular area in civil engineering.
  • Apply analytical and conceptual skills to solve civil engineering problems both individually and as a part of team using innovative techniques to build an effective relationship between theory, research and practice.
  • Exhibit research communications, collaboration and mentoring skills in the roles as professional team members and team leaders.
  • Enter the workforce for planning, designing, organizing, developing, managing, and maintaining civil engineering projects