NORIC Offices Structure for Industry Support

NORIC’s sub-offices are designed for the direct support of industry forming strong academic linkage of NUTECH with the industry and national R& D Organizations.

The sub-offices on one hand benefit the academia in learning about the problems faced by the industry. while on the other hand, the industry will absorb latest technologies which will be developed to improve industrial manufacturing processes

NORIC offices are given below:

  • Industry Policy Pursuance Cell
  • Industrialization Office
  • Internationalization Office
  • Commercialization Office
  • Defense Production Industry Office
  • National Services Support Office
  • Student Employment and Placement Office

Industry Policy Pursuance Office

Policy pursuance cell key duties are /would be

  • To form a focal body/forum comprising representation from NUTECH and industry associations and chambers
  • To propose industrial policies and regulations, beneficial for the development of industry, its manufacturing processes and expansion plans such as
    1. Import Substitution (SME) & Export Enhancement
    2. Value Addition & Industry Technology Upgradation
    3. Energy Management for Industry
    4. Pursuance of Govt for “Ease of doing Business”, energy, taxation etc
  • To establish a joint ‘Think Tank’ of NUTECH and Industry which will engage the relevant government bodies and Ministries to deliberate upon creating a favorable environment for the industry.
  • To liaison with
    1. FPCCI & LSM Industry Associations
    2. SME Industries and Associations
    3. Ministry of Commerce & Industry
    4. Policy Research and Development

Defence Production Industry Office

  • This department is established to suggest the defence industry through a prudent combination of procurement (local and import) and indigenous production with a continued effort to enhance the component of indigenous production and export surplus capacity of our defence products to world.
  • The key functions/responsibilities of this office would be
    1. To lay down policy guidelines on all matters relating to defense production.
    2. To assist the defense industry in research and development of defense equipment and enhance exports of defence products.
    3. To coordinate the defence science research with civil scientific research organizations
    4. To liaison with
      1. Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC)
      2. Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF)
  • Heavy Industries Taxila ( HIT)
  1. Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works ( KS &EW)

National Services Support Office

  • This office is working in close coordination with National Services of Pakistan.
  • The Key duties/responsibility of this office would be
    1. To provide Army System Support (ITD, CLS, AMC)
    2. To provide Air Force System Support (DG Projects, DCAS Support, DP Air Force
    3. To provide Navy System Support

Commercialization Office

  • NORIC is committed to commercializing new technologies and inventions from discoveries made and developed at the NUTECH to its transformation into practical use.
  • NORIC supports innovative research through a comprehensive suite of services to promote investment and company-building from University innovations.
  • Key responsibilities/duties of this office would be.
    1. To look after funding / Finance & Accounting of projects
    2. To provide Industry based R & D Support
    3. To commercialize Technology Venture
    4. To facilitate in Product Development (Project to Product development)
    5. To establish liaison with Pakistan Business Council
    6. To provide support in Entrepreneurship Marketing & Communication

Industrialization Office

  • This office works in close coordination with National Industries and National R & D organizations promoting academia-industry linkages in order to solve problems of industries, which further leads to accelerate industrialization and economic growth of the country.
  • Industrialization office through its five joint collaboration forums (NIJCF) has close coordination with all the Chambers of Commerce, Industrial Estate Associations and National Industries sector associations.
  • Major functions/responsibilities of this sub-office would be
    1. To find industry problems for possible solutions through NIJCF
    2. To manage NUTECH -Industry Policy Pursuance Cell (NIPF) and its key functions
    3. To manage NUTECH -Industry Skills Development Forum (NISDF) and its key functions
    4. To manage NUTECH – Industry Lab & Projects Forum (NILPF) and its key functions
    5. To manage NUTECH – Industry Technology Development Forum (NITDF) and its key functions
    6. To manae NUTECH-Industry Coordination Forum (NICF) and its functions
    7. To create departmental industry advisory Committees
    8. To liaison with
      1. Public Sector Industry
      2. National Industry
      3. National R &D Organizations
      4. National Universities
    9. To find potential Placement opportunities for trainings/knowledge exchange
    10. To oversee IPR & Contracts process/system

Internationalization Office

  • Major functions of the Internationalization office are as follows
    1. To develop strong international linkages to ensure inflow of new knowledge and state of the art technologies.
    2. Benchmarking international best practices in education, research, infrastructure development, innovation & commercialization and community development.
    3. Internal capacity building and training through focused foreign visits, student and faculty exchanges & international consultative seminars and workshops etc.
    4. To engage/Liaison with
      1. Asia Pacific Industry
      2. Global Industry
  • International R &D Organization
  1. International Universities
    1. To find potential International Placement opportunities for trainings/knowledge exchange

Student Employment and Placement Office

  • Placement Office will facilitate NUTECH students with opportunities (internships, trainings, workshops, and certifications etc) for hands on experience and practical/ exposure.
    1. This office will engage the public and private sector industry to share student / graduate resources.
    2. This office will establish partnerships with community-based projects and organizations to establish potential opportunities for students.
    3. Moreover, will maintain graduate profile of students to share with potential organizations for job opportunities