Symposium (NIJCS) Mutually Agreed Decisions

  • NUTECH Industry Development Program. NUTECH proposed National Industry Development Program. It was assured that NUTECH and Industry will jointly work for the realization of vision of transforming industries to be competitive at international level. National and Karachi Industry representatives agreed to meet periodically and work together to materialize NUTECH industry development program.
  • NUTECH Representation in Karachi Based Chamber/Associations Bodies. Industry representatives agreed in principle to work on the proposal of allowing NUTECH representation in various governing bodies, councils and committees of industry chambers and associations.
  • NUTECH – Industry to Jointly Prepare for Industry 4.0Taking lead from initial agreement of the industry for supporting already proposed NUTECH Disruptive Technologies and Skills Park (DTSP) during meetings of Karachi in September 2019, NUTECH presented the detailed concept and plan of DTSP to make National Industry as active stakeholder and partner of NUTECH in its pursuits of becoming flag because of 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0). It was agreed to constitute a composite committee of Industry and NUTECH for engagement of active industry in NUTECH Disruptive Technologies & Skills Park (DTSP)
  • NUTECH Innovative TVET (Technical, Vocational Education & Training) Model (NITM). NUTECH presented innovative model proposed to develop required skilled vocational workforce for industry in the face of challenges of existing and emerging technologies, especially of 4th Industrial Revolution. NITM was strongly supported by the industry and FPCCI, KCCI & all industry associations agreed to form joint committee to finalize follow up actions regarding NITM by April 30, 2020. NUTECH delegation will discuss NITM with the industry during its expected delegation visit to Karachi in Mid-March 2020.
  • NUTECH Industry Advisory Board. NUTECH proposed formation of Industry Advisory Board (IAB) for representation of various segments of industry, after necessary approval from University Board of Governors (BoG). FPCCI, KCCI and Industry Associations agreed to the proposal. FPCCI, KCCI and Industry Associations agreed to nominate their focal persons by 31st  March, 2020 while nominations for JWG will be completed before April 30, 2020.
  • Joint Working Groups at NUTECH. The Joint Working Groups (JWGs) will be formed to develop the roadmap for implementation of various initiatives of NUTECH for the different industrial sectors. It was proposed that all the respective focal persons of industry will get three nominees from their respective industry associations and each nominee will serve as member of respective NUTECH-Industry JWG for a period of three years with effect from May 01, 2020. FPCCI, KCCI and Industry Associations agreed to nominate their focal persons by 31st March, 2020 while nominations for JWG will be completed before April 30, 2020.
  • Establishment of NUTECH Karachi Campus. Appreciating the concept of NUTECH being “University for Industry”, the Karachi Industry proposed establishment of NUTECH Campus in Karachi on top priority basis and as early as possible it will give a major impetus to the proposed collaboration between NUTECH and Karachi industry. NUTECH requested Industry to come forward as active stake holder and get actively involved in the proposal. All Pakistan level Industry Sector Associations will nominate ‘Industry Experts’ from their respective sectors while NUTECH will nominate academic experts. The respective nominations were suggested and agreed to be completed by 31st December 2020.
  • Industry Policies Pursuance Cell.  NUTECH Industry Policies Pursuance Cell (NIPPC) was inaugurated and established at NORIC. It will have nomination of one member each from FPCCI, KCCI, seven industrial estate associations of Karachi and respective All Pakistan Industry Sector Associations. FPCCI, KCCI, Industry and Industrial Estate Associations agreed to appoint their nominees for NIPPC by April 30, 2020.
  • Joint Collaboration Symposium as Regular Feature.It was proposed that the Joint Collaboration Symposium will be a regular event to be held twice in a year. Every year in February event will be held at NUTECH while the 2nd event will be held in July at Karachi to be organized by FPCCI, KCCI, Industry and Industrial Estate Associations.   FPCCI, KCCI, Industry and Industrial Estate Associations agreed to the proposal. The second joint collaboration symposium will be held in July 2020 on a mutually agreed date to review the progress on the decision of 1st Symposium.
  • FPCCI, KCCI, Industry and Industrial Estate Associations agreed to the proposal.The second joint collaboration symposium will be held in July 2020 on a mutually agreed date to review the progress on the decision of 1st


Brief Description of NUTECH-lndustry Forums (NIF)

To begin with, NUTECH has envisaged establishment of FIVE (05) different NIFs intended to cater for the needs of industry in particular domains through a strong and sustainable system of University-Industry partnership are given below:-

  1. NUTECH-lndustry Policies Forum (NIPF). NIPF will have honorary representation from Govt institutions representing Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industries and Ministry of Planning, Development & Reforms. The industry nominees will be called as “Members Industry

Policy”, who are notified for a period of ‘THREE YEARS’ by NUTECH  NIPF will extensively work on crafting draft Govt policies for national industry exclusively based on the following two fundamental guiding principles:-

(1) Imports Substitution’ and ‘Value-added Exports Enhancement’

(2) ‘Technologies Up-gradation’ and ‘Hi-tech’ finished products development.

b NUTECH-lndustry Technoloqy Development Forum (NITDF)

NITDF has nominees from industry associations and chambers as ‘Members Technology and Advising who are expected to be major contributors in terms of inputs from industry, different industry sectors and enterprises. On the basis of critical inputs from industry, NUTECH experts at NITDF will conduct research studies, feasibility projects and technology devêlopment projects to design and develop technology up-gradation plans for different industries. NITDF will connect industries with different technologies based research and product development projects to make our industry technology driven exports enabled enterprises in future. It is in addition to the reasonably large number of NUTECH PhD faculty Who will join NIT DF as consultants, guides, academic and intellectual partners for the R&D based solutions of technology and industry through technology upgradation projects.

  1. NUTECH-lndustry Labs & Projects Forums (NILPF) To develop national industry so as to let it compete with global industry, it is extremely essential that our national industry is well conversant with the international industry standards for high quality exports driven products. The forum will have representation from NUTECH faculty experts, relevant experts from national scientific organizations dealing with national standards for industry representations from national academic, scientific, industrial and commercial products development labs, industry research organizations, institutions of Ministries of Industry, Science & Technology and Commerce, The forum will perform different functions.
  2. NUTECH-Industry Skills Development Forum (NISDF):-

NISDF will have membership of NCI TECH skills experts, master trainers of hi-tech skills, representatives of NAVTTC and experts from faculty with specialization in innovative hi-tech skills of 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), NISDF will have multiple tasks to perform.

  • NUTECH-lndustry Coordination Forum (NICF) :-

Being ‘University for Industry’ and with sole purpose of serving the industry in the most proficient and effective manner, it is imperative for NUT ECH to establish very strong relationship with industry and become their intellectual, academic and professional partner. In this context NUTECH leadership intends to develop NICF for establishing long-term professional links with industry and make all necessary coordination to serve the interests of industry in the best possible manner. NICF will be managed by NORIC, where apart from industry focal persons as members, there will be nominations/ representations from organizations of Ministries of Science & Technology, Education & Professional Training, Commerce, Planning and Industries supported by the relevant leadership of NCI TECH.