NUTECH-OBA-PSTC-Industry Joint Collaboration Symposium (NOIJCS) 2020

National University of Technology (NUTECH) conducted a day-long “NUTECH-Pak Swiss Old Boys Association (OBA)-Pak Industry Joint Collaboration Symposium” on 18th February, 2020 which aimed to bridge the gap between academia and industry of the country. The symposium is perceived to be of historic nature as its 3-session based activities will lay very strong foundation of NUTECH’s relationship and cooperation with industrial sector. This relationship; in the long run will transform Pakistan’s industry to meet the challenges of 21st Century, especially 4th Industrial Revolution. The symposium brought academia, industry and Govt at one platform to deliberate upon the road map and design of prosperous industry and bright Pakistan. The symposium entailed sessions on different proposed plans for designing industry / sector specific state-of-the-art labs, centres and institutes at NUTECH to create, develop, promote and transfer indigenous technologies for exponential rise in value-added products and multiplication of earnings for business and industry in future.

Earlier on arrival at National University of Technology, Federal Minister for Science and Technology Chaudhry Fawad Hussain, Engineer in Chief Lt Gen Moazzam Ejaz, Chief of Logistics Staff Lt Gen Azhar Saleh Abbasi and other worthy guests from Industry and Corporate Sector were received by the Rector of the University Lieutenant General Khalid Asghar (Retired). At the occasion, Senior Leadership and representatives of industry and business including FPCCI, KCCI, LCCI, ICCI, KATI, S.I.T.E, NKATI, LATI, BQATI, FBATI, S.I.T.E Superhighway, PPMA, PHMA, PAKSEA, PPMA, TMA, PAAPAM, P@SHA, APMIA, SIMAP and ABAD were also present who expressed their views and presented various suggestions to improve relationship between academia and industry. It has also been emphasized in the Symposium that in near future NUTECH campus be established in Karachi for which Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST), Industry and NUTECH will collaborate. NUTECH Policy Cell has been established which will support the industry by formulating future policies for the industry.